French Quarter Fest returns to New Orleans

Parker Boyd, Staff Writer

French Quarter Festival returned to New Orleans for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The last French Quarter Festival took place in April 2019. 

Michigan resident Alexander Henry said that he enjoyed the atmosphere. 

“To see people out dancing and smiling and enjoying such amazing music is so awesome,” Henry said. 

Washington State resident Cheree Weiss said the experience was memorable.

“It’s a great atmosphere, everybody’s having so much fun,” Weiss said. 

Ray Smith is also from Washington State visiting New Orleans. 

“My first time here, awesome,” Smith said. 

New Orleans resident Don Keller said that the feeling was amazing. 

“It feels absolutely wonderful, this is just the start there’s two more weekends,” Keller said. 

Attendees said that the return of French Quarter Fest will help the local economy. 

Weiss said that the economic impact will help local workers’ standard of living. 

“Talking to the different uh you know the Uber drivers and the weight people I think they’re really eager to get things back to normal and enjoy their livelihood,” she said. 

Smith agreed that the festival would contribute to the city’s economy. 

“Absolutely I think it’s going to be a big shot in the arm for the economy local economy absolutely,” he said. 

Henry said that the festival will help vendors and bring life back to the city. 

”You have a ton of local businesses with each little staging area, you got a ton of volunteers, you have people from out of state coming in, it’s just proof that everybody wants everything to be back to normal,” he said.