Local music artist creates safe haven to empower young women

Parker Boyd, Staff Writer

Daughter of the King is a safe house for young women who have faced hardship and is led by local artist and former “The Voice” contestant Casme Barnes-Carter. 

The purpose of the club is to help young girls grow both spiritually and mentally. 

“I feel like this program helps girls understand that they have somebody to talk to and that they’re not alone,” said Tirrany Jones, one of the group members. 

Khiliye Kaiser said that she loves how the group leaders are compassionate and caring.

“They really support us, they really there for us and they care and I like that I like for people to care,” Kaiser said. 

Shawnae Manuel said that being a part of this program helps her to never feel alone. 

“It showed me that I do have people to talk to other than like just being at home by myself most of the time because I feel like I can’t really trust people so I’m thankful that I’m able to trust them,” Manuel said. 

Sanaa Williams said that she joined the group because felt a sense of belonging. 

“I feel like the girls are really there to um have your back and like if you need anything you can go to them for anything,” Williams said. “The girls are like really open minded to anything and it won’t change for anything that you say.” 

Lori Ward, a team member, said that she hopes the safe house can be a place where girls can turn to in a time of need. 

“The purpose of this program is to help young girls just to grow and to be there for them to be a safe place for them to go, um to love on them to help them, learn skills that they might not otherwise have learned anywhere, and just to be there for them,” Ward said. 

Carter said that she formed the program because of her strong relationship with God. 

“I want to put that message out there that I am a Daughter of the King and I also want other women and girls to know that they are as well. It helps us get through bad relationships, it helps us get through life and adversity,” she said. 

Ward said that she hopes the program will encourage the community to get involved. 

“Hopefully more people will get behind this program and it saves girls, even if we save one life we’ve made a difference,” she said. 

Carter said that she hopes the program leads the girls into a bright future. 

“The whole point is to be able to say this group of girls started off as little girls, and now look at them they’re women who are impacting the community in a mighty way,” she said. 

Carter said that the community should come together to ensure that the lives of these young women are changed. 

“If we can come together as a community and support these girls and do the best we can, then we’re raising up a new generation that’s ready to take over and to be bosses and to be business women, and to be great mothers and leaders and that’s what we need,” she said.