“Do Revenge” review: A generation defining flick


Courtesy of Netflix

Addison Laird, Staff Writer

Everyone loves a messy story, and few come messier than Jennifer Kaytin Robinson’s new Netflix flick, “Do Revenge”. When queen bee Drea Torres’ private videos are leaked by her ex-boyfriend, “new student” Eleanor suggests they team up to enact revenge on each other’s enemies. While Eleanor goes undercover in Drea’s old friend group, Drea exposes Eleanor’s childhood crush, who once ruined Eleanor’s life with a rumor. “Do Revenge” weaves an intensely wild and insanely fun tale filled with jaw-dropping twists, heart-wrenching betrayals, and several actual crimes. 

It’s no secret that the initial draw of the film is its star-studded cast. From “Euphoria” to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Do Revenge” is jam-packed with familiar faces. However, the most intriguing of the cast were the two leads, played by Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke. Mendes is more widely known for her role as Veronica on The CW’s “Riverdale” and Hawke has recently gained popularity with her role as Robin on Netflix’s “Stranger Things”. With the two actresses already beloved for their other performances and off-screen personalities, viewers were excited to see them on-screen together.

“Do Revenge”’s characters are simultaneously over the top and down-to-earth. Their actions are drastic but their motivations are just understandable and relatable enough that we as the audience are excited to see Drea and Eleanor win. Mendes plays Drea beautifully, making her both deliciously wicked and sympathetic. You’re so invested in the character and her struggles that you’re willing to overlook the times in which Drea is actually in the wrong. The same goes for Hawke’s character, Eleanor, although Hawke does feel a bit out of her element playing a popular character, as opposed to an outcast. The rest of the cast is also spectacular in their roles, with a standout being our principal, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Drea’s evil ex-boyfriend, played by Austin Abrams. `

Along with the cast, the general aesthetic advertised for the film also enticed audiences. And upon the film’s release, it did not disappoint. “Do Revenge” is a pastel paletted wonderland, its costuming leading itself gracefully to both current trends and timeless retro looks. The Y2K-inspired wardrobes of the characters are perfectly complemented by the outstanding soundtrack. From new hits from Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo to classics like “Celebrity Skin” by Hole, the music takes full advantage of the film’s themes of female friendship and teenage angst. 

The youthfulness of the film is not lost in its dialogue. “Do Revenge” manages to let its teenage characters speak and act as though they are actually modern teenagers, something many films today fail to accomplish. This film rarely feels as though it was made by adults guessing at what the teenagers of today act and sound like. It handles its quippy dialogue and TikTok fashion trends masterfully, preserving the specific moment that is life in 2022 without immediately dating the film.

“Do Revenge” will only grow better with time. For now, it is a fun and entertaining flick that’s totally worth the watch. But in ten years, it will exist as an idealized snapshot of life as a teenager in 2022. It will be the movie people look to for 2020s nostalgia. It is the “Clueless” of tomorrow. While “Do Revenge” is certainly not a masterpiece, it does manage to capture both the true essence of a high school female friendship while also delivering a deliciously entertaining and hilarious time for the audience. We like it now, but in ten years, we’ll love it.

Illustration by Ariel Landry