OPINION: Insert your apology here – Sorry, not sorry


Jacob L’Hommedieu

Illustration by Jacob L’Hommedieu

Maria DiFelice, News Assistant

I’m sorry. I say these two words mindlessly everyday. Somebody bumps into me, “I’m sorry,” I ask a question and it almost always starts with “I’m sorry but…” I can’t seem to get away from it. I have adults say to me “why are you apologizing?” The answer is “I don’t know, it’s just something I have been taught to do my whole life.”

Throughout my life, I have been taught to apologize when something goes wrong or when I mess up. According to the Child Mind Institute over-apologizing is something most women struggle with. But why is it women having to apologize for everything? Is it the traditional oppressive structures we face in today’s society or the constant inferiorness placed upon women by institutional counterparts?

Women are held to a higher standard than men. Think about it. As a young girl I was told to never be too loud: our presence should never be noticed. Men are taught to have a more powerful demeanor and take over the room. If only men are taught from a young age that they are dominant figures in society, how are young girls supposed to grow up with confidence?

Women have to stop apologizing. I catch myself too many times apologizing for things I can’t control. If I am assertive, I’m considered a “bitch.” If I’m confident, I’m considered to be “conceited.” So how am I not supposed to be apologetic?

I want to be unapologetically me. I want to be able to walk in a room with confidence and not have to apologize for keeping my head up. I want those two words that have stuck with me my whole life to not take over my everyday life. I don’t want a man to get in the way of my ideas and my flow of life. Men should stop raining on my parade. Us women need to march to the beat of our drum. We need to come together as one.

The world should not revolve around men and their way of life. Women need to stand up and seize the day and be the bosses we are.

Listen up ladies. Next time you find yourself apologizing for something you can’t control, I want you to say “I’m not sorry.” Why should we let men win? Why should we let the world revolve around men? We need to stand up and crush the patriarchy.

Sorry not sorry;)