Jesuits win victory over students in Loyola Week basketball game


Courtesy of Rev. Nathan O’Halloran

The Loyola faculty and students play an exhibition basketball game for Loyola Week. The Jesuits won by two points.

Abigail Schmidt, Sports Editor

Faculty and staff, including priests at Loyola battled to the basket with students on the court in a basketball game held between Jesuits and students, organized by the Rev. Nathan O’Halloran, S.J, during Loyola Week earlier this month.

O’Halloran, who is the director of Catholic Studies at Loyola, said it was a close game. The Jesuits, faculty, and staff won 37 to 36 against the students. 

“That was certainly an unexpected outcome! We were definitely helped by bringing in a ringer, assistant men’s basketball coach Javan Felix,” O’Halloran said. 

O’Halloran also boasted about his “breakout stellar point guard” faculty member Tammie Mills. 

Ken Weber, associate director of ministry, said the game allowed students and faculty to have fun in a way that “leveled the playing field” between them.

“So much of our relationships with each other is contextualized by mutual expectations of each other, which is appropriate. This was a chance to be with each other simply as human beings that belong to this community, enjoying the fun of competition,” Weber said. 

O’Halloran said the crowd brought great energy, which was perfect considering the week’s theme was to “seek joy,” according to Weber. 

“Joy was definitely present in the room,” Weber said.