EDITORIAL: Daylight savings is a little treat


Shadera Moore

A boat rolls along the Mississippi River as the sun sets on Sept. 4. Those who lounge near the park’s shore can watch boats like this pass by several times in an evening.

Abigail Schmidt, Sports Editor

Imagine a chilly fall night at the Fly. You and your friends are sitting in a hammock with blankets, drinking hot cocoa and eating fast food, watching the beautiful orange November sunset.
It’s 4 p.m.
The day is over, right? Wrong! It’s dark and cold out, which means it’s officially the best time of year. Daylight savings time may mark a stressful point in the school year, and it getting dark so early is understandably frustrating. But on the bright side (or the dark side), we live in a city with enough nightlife to last until we spring forward again. And the best part is, the earlier you go out at night, the longer you can enjoy it. How much of a relief is it when you check the clock thinking it’s past midnight and it’s only 9 p.m?
Daylight savings time is like a little treat. If you’re not going out at night, you can stay in and make pumpkin bread and watch holiday movies or pyramid documentaries. Something about it being cold and dark outside makes everything seem cozy. You can’t get that warm fuzzy feeling drinking hot chocolate around the fire while it’s still sunny at 6 p.m. It’s what this time of year is for, and being under the stars (or the streetlights downtown) adds to the experience. And when this starts early, you have a whole night ahead of you.
Tired parents can put their kids to bed earlier, and get rid of their kids for school when it’s still light out, since it gets light earlier.
It is a common misconception that Daylight Savings Time originated to conserve daylight during the harvest months for farmers. However, it was implemented in 1918 during World War I with the Standard Time Act. It was meant to conserve daylight hours for energy resources, and again during World War II, according to Wikipedia.
Daylight Savings is the time for warm drinks, however you take them. Everything fun about the winter time is better in the dark. Christmas lights and menorahs, football, soccer, basketball and such, bonfires, ice skating, etc. The night time makes these much more fun. It’s a sign for the best time of year. While school is stressful, once finals are over, it’s time for everything wonderful.