Loyola artist Juleser hosts a release party for new EP


Sophomores Gio Ventello and Jules Weinheimer jam out for the release of Juleser’s new EP on April 21, 2023. “Julser is Shy” is available on all streaming platforms.

Mia Oliva, Reviews Editor

Music industry sophomore Jules Weinheimer, artistically known as Juleser, released his first EP subsequent to his debut single “Oami” from last fall.

While he was raised in Little Rock, Arkansas by parents in the music scene, Weinheimer said his own interest and ambition led him to become the self-taught artist he is today.

Nonetheless, Weinheimer opened up about the occurrence of imposter syndrome and being your own worst critic during the music-making process.

“A lot of it has been learning about letting go and not being a perfectionist,” Weinheimer said. “I sometimes have trouble liking what I make because I’ll sit with something for a while and then hate it. So, I basically just had to cut myself off for a lot of the songs I made for this project.”

There are multiple routes musicians take to piece together a project or even just a singular song. When Weinheimer makes music, lyrics materialize after production.

“I’ve never actually sat down to write lyrics for a song without music first. I’ll usually begin by producing and finding melodies that match the vibe I’m looking for,” Weinheimer said.

The EP, “Juleser is Shy”, delivers five alternative indie-pop songs, including his debut single, “Oami.”

This past November, “Oami” received recognition from the music publication Lyrical Lemonade. Staff writer and music critic Sam Morrison expressed his impression of the up-and-coming artist.

“The guitar-powered song does a great job of creating an undeniable vibe throughout its entirety while Juleser adds his catchy melodies to an already impressive piece,” Morrison said in the article. “I can’t say enough good things about this one, so I guess you all will just have to listen to it for yourself.”

Receiving acknowledgment for his debut single showed Weinheimer the possibilities and potential that come with putting your heart and soul into doing what you love, he said. In his case, that’s making music.

Weinheimer hosted a release party to celebrate his EP, where he performed his songs live with Loyola musicians Deven Raval, Giovanni Ventello, and Gary Giofreda. The group was accompanied by a performance from Loyola music group “Vipersnapper”, along with a DJ set from music industry junior Maddy Kelly.

“Juleser is Shy” is now streaming on all platforms.