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Since 1923 • For a greater Loyola

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COLUMN: The Maroon is my proudest stepping stone

Tanesha Taylor

When I applied to be editor-in-chief of The Maroon, I wrote in my application that until I walk across the stage at graduation, my Wednesday nights are reserved for producing the newspaper.

But as I enter my final year of college and leave this role behind, I’m realizing that my Wednesday nights – and my life – will no longer be occupied by The Maroon.

I’ve had a lump in my throat since the moment I realized this.

I’ve spent the past three years on the third floor of the communications/music complex writing stories, conducting interviews, doing homework, watching Netflix, making memories, and having the time of my life contributing to our college newspaper.

Some of my highest highs and lowest lows have been experienced in the red-cushioned rolling chairs in The Maroon office.

And when I look back at my most defining and memorable moments of college, I’ll think of The Maroon because of everything its taught me and the people its given me. Its pushed me to grow in ways I didn’t know I could, and its uplifted me and made me believe in myself more than I ever have.

Still, all good things must come to an end — no matter how ingrained they are in your life or how hard it is to leave them behind.

Last semester, I wrote that The Maroon made me who I am, and while I don’t disagree with the sentiment, after a few months at the paper’s helm, I’d like to modify that statement.

I’d like to give myself a little more credit.

I never thought I’d get out of my small town – thought I’d get stuck with grocery store gossip and tractors holding up traffic my whole life – but those are the things that made me who I am.

Those are the things that brought me here – to the editor’s desk.

As editor, my No. 1 goal was to create content that was representative of the entire Loyola community, to tell stories that were impactful and intentional.

The Maroon is often described as “the mirror and the lamp,” shining a light on the parts that need it most and acting as a reflection of the community from the steps of Marquette Hall.

Being the keeper of the mirror and lamp, even for this short amount of time, was an honor and a privilege, especially as one of the few Black women to do it.

I hope that the Loyola community felt seen and heard, that they saw themselves and the people who make this place special in the pages of our paper each week.

Even with the never-ending deadlines, the sleepless nights, and the sheer unpredictability of news, being editor-in-chief of The Maroon is one of my greatest accomplishments.

While this organization will forever be cemented in my college experience, it’s merely one small chapter of a book I’m still writing.

As cliché as that sounds, I too often find myself believing that things can never get better than they already are, but I’m learning that good chapters end, so great chapters can begin.

This has been a damn good chapter, and I’m not sure how it gets any better than this, but I’m excited to find out.

As for the next generation of Marooners who will be writing their own next chapters, I hope you won’t take any of it for granted because four years goes by faster than you think. And I promise, there is life beyond The Maroon; you’ve just gotta get out of the office and find it.

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Maleigh Crespo
Maleigh Crespo, Editor in Chief
Maleigh Crespo serves as the Maroon's Editor in Chief. Maleigh previously served as the Maroon's  Managing Editor for Print, Design Chief, Equity and Inclusion officer, and Op/Ed editor. When she’s not writing, she can be found listening to Taylor Swift on repeat, online shopping, or feeding the squirrels in Audubon.
Tanesha Taylor
Tanesha Taylor, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer
Tanesha Taylor is currently the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at The Maroon. She is a third year graphic design major and works as an Office Assistant for Loyola's Residential Life. In her free time, she enjoys fermenting rice wine and trying foods from different cultures. Tanesha can be reached at [email protected].

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