Nightlife Under 21

Ideas for students, regardless of age, on how to spend the evening outside of a bar


Life’s a party in New Orleans, and one of the few things that might stop you from being a part of it is being under 21. Whether for legal reasons or because you simply want to take a break from the party scene, here are a few options without age limits.

Loyola Late Nights

For some students, going out can be a hassle if you don’t have a way of getting to your destination, so Loyola offers an on-campus option aptly named “Loyola Late Night.”

“We realize there’s a large drinking culture in New Orleans, and there are many underage students,” said Courtney Williams, assistant director of campus activities. “We also realize every student doesn’t have transportation, so we like to provide opportunities on campus.” Spearheaded by the Office of Co-Curricular Programs, the weekly activities vary. Some events previously featured this semester include: karaoke and making candy sushi, the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy show and musical performances in Satchmo’s every Thursday. According to Williams, these events are not only meant to entertain, but are also opportunities to meet new people.

Apples to Halo

If you don’t even want to leave your dorm, invite your friends over for a board game or video game night. Both board games and video games can go on for hours, and they are activities you can bond over with friends. Some students at Loyola set up video games in the hallways or lobbies of residence halls, and other students will often join them to play, making this a great way to meet people. If you have no board games and you live on campus, you can also borrow them from your front desk. Just make sure you don’t get too excited and lose game pieces.

Take Out “Gone With The Wind”                                                           When real life is not going that great, a little shot of fiction does the mind good. Watching a movie can be both relaxing and enjoyable, by yourself or with friends. Some students like Linda Mejía, business management senior, enjoy both staying in and going out to a theater to watch a film. “I choose to watch movies instead of going out to drink because sometimes I just prefer to do something chill instead of the whole deal of getting ready and going out to get drunk or have a good time,” she said.

If you decide to venture off-campus and want something classic, try Prytania Theater, the oldest theater in New Orleans. If you’re looking for something more modern, there are a handful of AMC theaters. If you’re staying in and having friends over, Mejía suggests adding food to the mix. “When I watch movies at home with friends, we order some takeout and eat while watching the movie, or we cook dinner or have whatever we feel like eating,” said Mejía. “You can still have fun as long as you have great company.”

Get Moving

If you’re not the type to sit still for too long or you want a change of pace, sports are also an option. You can get a group of friends together in the Res Quad and play soccer, Quidditch or any sport you deem safe enough to be played with minimum vision at night. Another option is going off-campus to Coconut Beach, a sand volleyball complex in Kenner. Students like Josh Washington, philosophy senior, think it’s a fun option for a weekend night. “I enjoy the sport, and I had never been to Coconut Beach before the night I was invited to a tournament. I would definitely go again,” Washington said. “I’m not a fan of sand, but it was fun. I enjoyed it.”

Karaoke Killed the Radio Star

Belting out your favorite tunes with friends or in front of a crowd of random strangers is not only fun, but can also be good stress relief from all that may be on your extensive to-do list. Karaoke requires people to put themselves out there and move past any awkwardness or inhibitions involved in relating to others. If you’re looking for a location close to campus, Little Tokyo is a few minutes away. This Japanese restaurant features individual karaoke rooms for private events with your group of friends, and if you’re bold, there’s also a center stage where you can sing for the entire restaurant.