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Column: Let’s fix our frosty campus

Maroon Staff

I’ve attended Loyola for two years now and when first year students ask me if I have any advice for them, I tell them to save some room in their bags for a sweater when they attend classes.

“Even in the summer?” they ask.

“Yes,” I answer, “because some of the buildings are freezing.”

Don’t get me wrong – I understand that our faculty and staff work in the professional world, where it’s customary to wear sleeves, skirts and long pants. It’s not cute to sweat. I assume that’s why our buildings are cold. It is much more acceptable to put clothes on than to take clothes off. Colder buildings may help keep sleepy college students awake in class. Colder rooms may make for a comfortable blanket-filled sleep experience in our residential halls.

However, I have to admit that my library/music building sweater does get a little bulky in my bag and that sometimes it’s hard to work in the library when I’m shivering. It’s exceptionally hard to get out of bed when my warm blanket pocket keeps my fingers and toes from going numb.

I also find it odd to walk outside in my sweater and immediately start sweating, only to take it off and start shivering as soon as I walk into the next building.

Here’s my proposition: turn down the air-conditioning and make it the new dress code policy to wear shorts, tank tops and swimsuits to class! I know that sounds crazy and it would involve changing the world, but let’s think about this for a minute.

Tuition would go down! All those extra dollars we spend on making our buildings colder could go back into our pockets – or possibly into other areas at school.

Class attendance would skyrocket! We would wake up to the warmth of the sun rather than saying “maybe next time” to our 9:30 classes in favor of warmth and a few extra z’s.

Our school would be greener! We would spend so much less energy trying to manipulate our indoor environments. Mother Nature would be happy.

We’d all be healthier! The increased warmth during the summer would cause everyone to drink more water. We might even eat better and exercise more, because watching people walk around in shorts and whatnot would serve as an excellent workout motivator!

Just think about it. I realize this new dress code would be something of a worldwide change, but this is college! We’re great at starting crazy movements. Think of the benefits, and take initiative! Let’s change the world!

Kylee McIntyre is an English Writing senior and can be reached at [email protected] 

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