Favorite place to get spoiled by your parents

Commander’s Palace

Mary Graci

Four words: Get your reservation now. 

With a waiting list the length of a short novel and the fine-dining quality to make that acceptable, Commander’s Palace is not your average weekend outing.

When the parents are in town and they ask where do you want to go for dinner, what’s the logical answer?  The most expensive restaurant you can think of, of course. With mouthwatering traditional New Orleans food from a world-renowned chef, Commander’s Palace well worth the small fortune your parents are bound to spend on you.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try the turtle soup.  A local delicacy not easy to find in your typical eating establishment, it may just leave you almost wishing you hadn’t gotten a taste of the good life.

So place your reservation today and tell your parents to start saving: one evening in the Commander’s Palace will leave you feeling like royalty.


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