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Walgreens and NOLA libraries team up to provide free flu shots

Joni Mosely, Walgreens pharmacist, administers a flu shot at Nora Navra library on Oct. 4. Walgreens is teaming up with New Orleans Public Libraries to provide free flu shots. Photo credit: Sam Lucio

Sam Lucio

October 15, 2019

Monica Wilson-Leary, an elementary school teacher of 27 years, never thought she would become an advocate for flu vaccinations, but that all changed after a friend of hers died from the flu after choosing not to be vaccinated. Now, Wilson-Leary takes flu season extremely seriously. “You ne...

Two dead in Hard Rock Hotel collapse

The Hard Rock Hotel collapsed early Saturday morning on October 12, 2019. Photo credit: Andres Fuentes

Andres Fuentes

October 13, 2019

Search and rescue teams resume their work this morning as they look for one missing construction worker in the Hard Rock Hotel wreckage on the corner of North Rampart and Canal Street. Two people are now confirmed dead, one was killed in the initial wreckage and other was pronounced dead last night and...

One dead in Hard Rock Hotel collapse

Hard Rock Hotel construction site in downtown New Orleans on Oct. 12. The hotel partially collapsed leaving one person dead. Photo credit: Lily Cummings

Lily Cummings and Andres Fuentes

October 12, 2019

One person is dead, and 19 injured after a building collapsed located at Rampart and Canal street. All 19 are in stable condition. The collapse happened around 9:00 AM Saturday morning, officials said. That building was the site of the Hard Rock Hotel that is currently under construction. Around...

“Vaping illness” reported in Louisiana, Loyola student notices similar symptoms

Loyola student using an e-cigarette on Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019. Two-thirds of cases of ‘vaping illnesses’ are found in people ages 18 to 34, according to the CDC. Photo credit: Lily Cummings

Lily Cummings

October 10, 2019

Ethan Riggs, finance sophomore, and avid "vaper" is hoping he won't become one of hundreds of increasingly harmful vaping statistics. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, released a statement confirming 805 lung injury cases, and 12 confirmed deaths across the U.S. have been linked to electronic...

Young citizens speak out at Global Climate Strike

A crowd of strikers gathers in Jackson Square on Sept. 27. The crowd later marched thoughout the city chanting,

Cristian Orellana

October 7, 2019

Seeing 12-year-old Ida Schenck giving a speech to a group of striking New Orleans workers about the importance of climate change might seem odd or out of place, but actually listening to her speak tells a much different story. “We really are fighting for our lives. This isn’t going to just go...

Pence preaches unity at Kenner GOP rally

Pence Kenner GOP Rally

Andres Fuentes

October 6, 2019

Instead of debating policies or launching attack ads, the two GOP candidates in the Louisiana governor's race decided to unify with the help of Vice President Mike Pence. With days left until the state's primary election, Vice President Pence visited Kenner, Louisiana for the GOP Unity Rally to speak...

College Democrats host environmental debate

Rae Walberg

October 4, 2019

Tuesday, Sept. 24, in Nunemaker Hall Loyola's College Democrats and students from Benjamin Franklin High School's Green Society hosted a forum and debate on climate change and the local agenda. This event focused on representatives and candidates coming from the 91st and 98th district and their respective...

Children’s museum opens new location

The Louisiana Children's Museum now occupies a new building in New Orleans City Park. The environmentally-conscious building cost $47.5 million.

Gabriella Killett

October 4, 2019

The Louisiana Children's Museum has moved from its decades-old home in downtown New Orleans to a new building in City Park. The long-beloved institution opened its new $47.5 million environmentally-conscious building Aug. 31. Executive Director of Loyola University New Orleans' Student Success...

Faking it: Students use fake IDs to circumvent drinking laws

A Bruno’s bartender checks students' IDs on Wine Wednesday on Oct. 4. Bruno’s trains all bartenders and bouncers to be able to spot fake IDs.

Erin Snodgrass

October 4, 2019

Ashley Hart had only been in college two weeks when she and a group of friends embarked on an increasingly common college rite of passage. They gathered in front of a blank white wall and took each other’s pictures, careful to follow the standard rules for ID photos: neutral expressions, visible faces...

Breathing Easy: Bike Rider receives Second Chance at Life

Louisiana organ donor

Tess Rowland

October 3, 2019

Frankie Avila celebrated another year of breathing, moving and cycling. The double-lung transplantee was fortunate to celebrate his 46th birthday on Sept. 29, as well as, the 24th year of his donated organs. Frankie was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was three years old. The disease is...

Fishing in Dead Waters

louisiana spillway seafood

Andres Fuentes and Tess Rowland

October 2, 2019

It was a quiet September afternoon at the Bucktown Harbor in Metairie. The water rippled with small blue waves and the wind clapped the nearby flags and banners. The boats sat on the surface of Lake Pontchartrain, clean, white and empty. Fishermen were supposed to be hauling in their catches...

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