Editor’s Note


Starlight Williams

I still a have another year at Loyola University New Orleans before I am obligated to put on my cap and gown and take the first step towards my future. However, in the spring of 2016, hundreds of seniors will be saying farewell to their pack and taking the journey to discover the world for themselves.Whether it be attending graduate school or joining the work force, the future is murky for those getting ready to graduate.

I wish this magazine was like a genie in a magic lamp that could answer all your questions, but I am not going to lie to you. Hopefully though, this magazine will help you contemplate your own life after college. Whether you are discovering that your major does not define you (p. 8), you need help navigating the differences between PCAT and GMAT (p. 12) or you are one of the few to realize you are not ready to leave Loyola (p. 20), then maybe this issue of The Wolf can help you. Remember that even though you may venture away from the Wolf Pack, the pack always has your back.