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Opinion: Pro-Life means supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement

Illustration by Kat Kelsey

Zia Sampson

September 26, 2020

There is a difference between being pro-life and being against abortion.Pro-life means supporting life at all stages, including conception, natural death and anything in between. While there are a lot of pro-life people who understand this, there is also a shocking number of people who seem to think ...

Opinion: Louisiana education needs to step up

Graffiti covers the foundation that formerly held the Jefferson Davis Monument on Jeff Davis Parkway in New Orleans. The monument was removed in 2017 following protests. Photo credit: Alexandria Whitten

Gabriella Killett

September 25, 2020

I couldn’t have been more than six years old when I was coloring in the classroom in elementary school and a friend asked me if I’d hand him the “skin color.” Struggling with the idea that I didn’t look exactly like everyone else and the fact that I never got sunburnt in the summertime, led...

Editorial: Anti-racism doesn’t end here

Photo credit: McKenna Greenleaf Faulk

Daniel Schwalm

September 24, 2020

The events of this past summer have given new life to the Black Lives Matter movement. Countless Americans have stepped up and joined the fight against racism by protesting in the streets, supporting community organizations and looking out for their friends and neighbors. However, as the months pass...

Opinion: Help protect immunocompromised classmates

Loyola students Bryan Grassia, Dominic Howell and Adrien Kays walk outside Biever Hall while wearing masks. Wearing masks in public spaces helps to prevent and reduce the spread of COVID-19. Photo credit: Kadalena Housley

Emma Trunkle

September 12, 2020

During my freshman year, I was in-and-out of the hospital a solid five times attempting to navigate our healthcare system in New Orleans as an 18-year-old with newfound independence. I got consistently conflicting diagnoses from doctors and struggled to navigate how to communicate with Student Affairs...

Opinion: Community is the key to quarantine

Musical theater junior Ryan Wiles plays video games in his apartment with his roommate Andres Paniagua. Wiles said that safe socializing and finding a sense of community through spending time with friends has helped him cope with the emotional strain of the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo courtesy of Ryan Wiles.

Ryan Wiles

September 11, 2020

People need people, that’s just how it goes. For most of the summer, I, like most other students, was isolated in my childhood home. At first, I saw it as an opportunity to challenge myself to do something I wouldn’t regularly be able to fit into my routine, but that got old pretty quickly. There...

Column: College football isn’t worth the risk right now

Photo credit: Brendan Heffernan

Brendan Heffernan

September 10, 2020

A little more than eight months after Louisiana State University won the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship relying on the strategy, the Tigers couldn't call a five-man protection if they wanted to. On Aug. 26, The Advocate reported that all but four LSU offensive lineman were in ...

Editorial: Manners still matter in online classes

llustration by McKenna Greenleaf Faulk Photo credit: McKenna Greenleaf Faulk

Daniel Schwalm

September 10, 2020

Online classes are weird. All of us are still adjusting to the new ways our classes work, whether they’re Hy-Flex or entirely online. One thing is clear: Internet-based classes are going to make up the bulk of our college educations for the foreseeable future. Since it looks like we’re going to have...

Opinion: Loyola is putting finances over students’ safety

A streetcar heads down St. Charles Ave on October 23, 2019. The streetcar is a common symbol of New Orleans. Photo credit: Cristian Orellana

Gabriela Carballo

September 5, 2020

Let’s say you're standing by a trolley track, or in New Orleanian fashion, a streetcar track. There are five people tied to the track and a streetcar is heading right for them. There’s a lever right next to you and, if you pull it, it will redirect the streetcar onto another track with only one person...

Opinion: Animal Crossing is good for your mental health

A screenshot from Animal Crossing shows two characters sitting on a couch

Gracie Wise

September 4, 2020

High school was some of the toughest years of my life: I struggled in math, I dealt with friendship drama and I was heartbroken when my best friend transferred to another school. I felt completely jaded with adolescence and the high school experience— the warm fuzzy feeling I first felt in eighth grade...

Column: I got engaged during a pandemic

Cristo Dulom proposes to his fiancee Tatum. The couple got engaged during COVID-19.

Cristo Dulom

September 4, 2020

'Going the Social Distance' is a series by Loyola students, for Loyola students about the triumphs and terrors of trying, or not trying, to maintain a social life during a pandemic. I got together with my now-fiancée in early February. Little did we know then that we would quickly be separated in our...

Editorial: It’s on us to keep each other safe

Illustration by McKenna Greenleaf Faulk

Daniel Schwalm

September 3, 2020

We’re finally back. Some of us thought it was inevitable, some of us thought it was impossible. But whatever your individual expectations were, this new semester is starting with in-person classes, despite an ever-present pandemic and hurricane warnings. In the past few weeks, we’ve already seen...

Letter: To Those Who Ask, ‘What Next?’

Robert B. Morrison III

Robert B. Morrison III

June 24, 2020

Dear Loyola, Over the last three weeks, my days have been filled with mental and emotional stress and strain. The world as we know it has not turned upside down, but rather right-side up. We are finally coming together to say no to racism in our country and our communities. George Floyd’s murder...

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