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Photo illustration of graffiti

EDITORIAL: Res Life needs to get over themselves

mark michel, Op/Ed Editor March 26, 2023

Everyone who has ever lived in a Loyola residence hall has a horror story. That bathroom stall that was broken by some freshman in a drunken rage, and stayed that way for weeks. The makeshift slip ‘n’...

Someone getting hit by car w/fake blood

OPINION: Driving is dangerous, fucking act like it

Ava Acharya, Managing Editor for Digital March 25, 2023

Imagine this: you’re walking in your neighborhood, getting groceries. It's a beautiful, sunny day. Perfect for a leisurely walk. You’re crossing the street. You look both ways and take a step into...

Zombie art on television screen

OPINION: Zombies make dystopian media better

Tanesha Taylor March 24, 2023

From 1927’s “Metropolis” to “The Hunger Games”, the idea of dystopia has always captivated audiences. Growing up, dystopia quickly became one of my favorite genres. Movies like “The Maze Runner”...

COLUMN: The honors program isn’t worth it

Maleigh Crespo, Design Chief March 22, 2023

As a promising high school senior, I applied to dozens of colleges and universities across the country. From Ivy Leagues to local community colleges, I didn’t limit myself when applying to schools,...

3 people reaching out for each other.

OPINION: COVID redefined the way we maintain friendships

Lizzy Hadley March 19, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic affected my social skills in maintaining friendships. I came to college fresh out of friends and full of hope to find more. The pandemic hit my junior year of high school. This left...

A picture of someone with a trans flag draped over them standing under a sign that says welcome to Loyola.

OPINION: Transphobia runs rampant on Loyola’s campus

Slater Arlt March 18, 2023

Loyola has a pervasive transphobia problem – a problem that only seems to be escalating. I’ve had my pronouns and preferred name repeatedly ignored by faculty, despite signing every email with “Slater,...

A picture of the monument in New Orleans dedicated to the Latin American workers who helped to rebuild the city in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

EDITORIAL: It is time to make some monumental changes

Aron Boehle, Worldview Editor March 17, 2023

Monuments are perfect examples of something that can exhibit culture and history, but don’t necessarily have to define it. So it’s no surprise to people who learn about the establishment of hundreds...

An illustration of a comedian making a joke about assault in front of an audience of crickets.

OPINION: Assault jokes aren’t funny

Gabrielle Korein, Photo Editor March 12, 2023

In his first comedy set since admitting to sexual harassment allegations, Louis C.K. decided it was the perfect time to make a joke about sexual assault, highlighting the warped belief system that lies...

A photo of an electric car being charged.

OPINION: EV charging stations help Loyola serve the environment

Michael Giusti, Adviser March 11, 2023

As one of a handful of electric vehicle drivers on campus, I was excited to see the new dedicated charging spaces pop up across campus this week. EV charging stations aren’t new to Loyola. We have had...

An illustration of a person wearing a disguise holding a sign that says Twitter Phd standing next to a medical doctor holding a sign that says real college Phd.

EDITORIAL: Education is the cure to fake news

Patrick Hamilton and Mark Michel March 10, 2023

Media literacy is critical, especially now, as false information spreads like wildfire over digital platforms. It's easier now, more than at any other time in history, to access information, get live coverage...

A picture of a woman sitting down looking up.

OPINION: It’s hard being a fat girl in a Barbie world

Maleigh Crespo, Design Chief March 5, 2023

When you are a fat girl living in a Barbie world, every day is an uphill battle. Your head is constantly swarming, and self-loathing is all you know. But when the loathing is over, draw yourself a bath....

A guy and a girl standing hand in hand with three devils.

OPINION: People need to stop protecting predators

Abigail Schmidt March 4, 2023

Yes, that was me who got your friend kicked out of the bar. And I will unashamedly do it again the next time I see them there. It pays to be friends with the right people. You know who it doesn’t pay...

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