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Since 1923 • For a greater Loyola

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Since 1923 • For a greater Loyola

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EDITORIAL: Loyolans should be more engaged and informed about their community

Laci Barrow

Interacting with The Maroon is not just about flipping through pages or scrolling articles on your phone — it’s about engaging with a platform to amplify your voice and foster connectivity within the student body.

The first step? Pick a copy from one of those vibrant red stands across campus or read on our online app. The Maroon isn’t just a newspaper; it represents Loyola and sparks critical thinking within our community.

It’s easy to get lost in class stress and be unaware of your surroundings. That’s where The Maroon steps in. We’re here to guide you through the news and campus events, ensuring that you stay informed without misinformation. But our mission goes beyond mere reporting; we’re here to empower you, the student body and the administration, to raise your voices and be heard.

So, how should you read The Maroon?

With a discerning eye and an open mind. Question what you read, challenge assumptions, and exercise critical thinking skills. Let every article serve for discussion and debate while enriching your understanding of the world around you.

Being more aware of your surroundings isn’t just about navigating physical spaces — it’s about understanding the community.

Becoming more informed extends beyond The Maroon. You must seek out knowledge from various sources, engage with different perspectives, and understand the world. Stay up to date and aware of everything around you from event flyers to .

The Maroon serves as a mirror reflecting our campus’ diverse community and a lamp shining a light on the aspects of campus deserving to be seen. We strive to connect students from all walks of life through our various sections, and we want no voice to go unheard.

Remember, The Maroon isn’t just another newspaper. It’s your voice in student media, your platform for expression, and your gateway to community. If you have something to say, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can reach us at [email protected], on any of our socials, and at our office on the third floor at the end of the hall of the Communication/Music Complex.

Whether you want to commend, criticize, or question, we listen. Let’s foster a culture of informed discourse where every voice matters and opinion is respected.

So, talk to us! Share your thoughts, your concerns, and your stories. The Maroon isn’t just a newspaper; it’s a conversation waiting to happen.

Let’s make it happen — together.

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Lizzy Hadley
Lizzy Hadley, Op/Ed Editor
Lizzy Hadley currently serves as The Maroon’s Op/Ed Editor. Lizzy is a junior majoring in English with a concentration in film/digital media, and pursuing a minor in social media. In her free time, Lizzy is usually playing Animal Crossing New Horizons on her switch or casually reading some young adult fiction. Lizzy can be reached at [email protected].
Laci Barrow
Laci Barrow, Photo Editor
Laci Barrow currently serves as The Maroon's Photo Editor. Laci is a junior mass communication major focusing on public relations and minoring in marketing. She loves connecting with her community through the art of storytelling. Outside of the Maroon, you can find Laci scoping out spots to take great landscape pictures and weightlifting. For inquiries, reach out to Laci via email at [email protected]

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