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OPINION: There is never a quiet morning in Francis Hall

Lizzy Hadley

President Cole, if any of these words cause you a grievance, please allow us to provide you with the pair of earplugs given to us by Residential Life staff.

Though Residential Life thinks these little foam earpieces can block out loud decibel construction, it will not block out the noise of the students who are inconvenienced by the lack of respect from Loyola.

Francis Hall residents are well aware of the construction noise that has been waking us up since the first week of school. As a heavy sleeper myself, I can sleep through the noise and wake up perfectly fine. However, this semester is different; it’s worse.

Construction was banging directly into the wall at promptly 7 a.m., during the first week of the spring semester. Between that and the people above us who were also “banging” loudly, my whole suite could not sleep. I’ve slept through fire trucks, hurricanes, and other natural disasters, so to be woken up by this noise is ridiculous.

That’s not all!

It seems like every week students are emailed about incoming construction at 3 a.m.!

We’re going to have to modify our sleep positions, so we can wear our headphones to try and drown out the volume. Most students have classes bright and early and with this comes exams and other class activities that require energy.

Sleep is one of the most important necessities for the day; however, with the lack of sleep, issues are bound to arise: lower grades, decreased mental health, lack of determination in classes, and ultimately, indignation to the school and its inconsiderate choices.

The worst part is that Francis dorms are one of the most expensive on campus, yet we are paying to never have a good night’s rest.

Sending out a formal email to students that 3 a.m. construction will be happening for a dormitory that will not benefit any of the students currently attending Loyola is outrageous.

It seems outside the control of the students to stop any construction on campus, including the blocked path from Bobet to Monroe Hall. Despite that, I draw the line at disturbing the beauty of sleep for students; it is our right to have deep sleep and be comfortable in our dorm with the amount of money we cough up to the university for housing.

I invite President Cole and everyone from ResLife to sleep in our dorm for the night and hear those trucks come.

Maybe then, they will gain a better perspective of our frustrations.

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Lizzy Hadley
Lizzy Hadley, Op/Ed Editor
Lizzy Hadley currently serves as The Maroon’s Op/Ed Editor. Lizzy is a junior majoring in English with a concentration in film/digital media, and pursuing a minor in social media. In her free time, Lizzy is usually playing Animal Crossing New Horizons on her switch or casually reading some young adult fiction. Lizzy can be reached at [email protected].

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