Father Zipple explains mercy as celebration

Caleb Beck

Continuing their series of lenten discussions, Loyola invited back former faculty member and noted Jesuit, the Rev. Jeremy Zipple, S.J. to talk about his travels as a missionary and his appreciation of Pope Francis.

The second lenten series event in Ignatius Chapel took place last Wednesday night, Feb. 24.

Zipple voiced his favor for Francis’s humility, likening the previous model of the church to a “country club” style gathering of the elect and Pope Francis’s model to a “field hospital,” a dedicated community of sinners. Zipple believes Francis is making the church more open to others and united in the flaws that bring them together.

“I think he’s very strategic in what he’s doing,” Zipple said.

He detailed the corporal works of mercy and how they should be upheld in the Divine Year.

“Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, and shelter the homeless,” Zipple said.

He finished his discussion by reminding the crowd to be kind to one another and pass on that compassion to both friend and stranger.

“There is no such thing as us and them; there is only brother and sister,” he said.

The next lenten series event to take place in Ignatius chapel is called “A Pope Francis Spirituality of Encounter.”