More than just a fashion statement

Victoria Hedin

Google defines style as a distinctive appearance that can be characteristic of a particular movement. In this way, style is one of the easiest ways to show support for a cause. With the opportunity to make either subtle or outright statements, activists today can use style and fashion to express their political passions.

Pussy hats

The Pussyhat Project was founded by Krista Suh and Jayna Zweiman. The idea came about to provide activists with a unique way to be better heard as well as to unite women all across the globe. The pussy hats made their initial debut on Inauguration Day in January, but have since stuck around as a prominent symbol for women’s rights.

Satirical Apparel

The “Make America Gay Again” slogan, which can be found on various apparel, is an example of how a political statement can be re-appropriated for another group. This particular mantra makes a pun on Donald Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” and references the homophobia him and his administration were criticized for.

Satirical apparel like this allows activists to weave specific references to issues they feel passionately about into their everyday style.


Political tattoos became popular after the election and prior to inauguration day, according to an article on Salon’s website. The article stated that a large number of women were requesting “sisterhood tattoos,” either to commemorate the Women’s March or as a personal reminder about how strong all women are. A large majority of the tattoos have had a feminist theme, but some people even got the outline of Bernie Sanders’ face tattooed on them when he was still in the running. Many people also got “GRL PWR” tattooed on the inside of their lower lip as a nod to women’s rights before the Women’s March on Washington.

Tattoos and their permanence are one way to show a lasting dedication to a movement.

Feminist shirts

Beginning in the 20th century, feminism is one of the most significant political movements in history. So it’s no surprise that self-identifying feminists would find a way to express their support for the cause within their sense of style. Shirts like “Feminist AF” or “Free The Nipple” bring awareness to feminism and specific movements within feminism. The most popular place to get these types of shirts is or, where your purchases will go to supporting the local artists that make them.

Black Lives Matter apparel

The Black Lives Matter movement began in the past five years, following the death of teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012. The movement is working for the validity of black life and towards rebuilding the black liberation movement. It is a call to action to resist the dehumanization of black Americans and the racism still apparent in the U.S. People wear these T-shirts and show their support in an attempt to spread the word and end discrimination. The Black Lives Matter shirts, among other clothing items like hoodies, pins and ribbons, can be purchased from, which is the official site for the movement.