Ask the Pack: SGA


Katelyn Fecteau

Ask the Pack is a weekly question posed to Loyola University. This week, we asked the community: If SGA could do anything for you, what would you want?

Blane Mader, philosophy pre-law senior

WEB_Blane Mader.jpg

“I would love if SGA could fully fund my law school adventure next year.”

Isaac Worley, popular and commercial music junior

WEB_Isaac Worley.jpg

“Making parking easier for commuters.”

Claire McLaughlin, music industries senior

WEB_Claire McLaughlin.jpg

“Let students donate extra Wolf Bucks”

Chelsie Degner, mass communication and philosophy sophomore

WEB_Chelsie Degner.jpg

“Make Satchmo’s a bar again.”

Laci McBride, sociology and mass communication junior

WEB_Laci McBride copy.jpg

“Make book vouchers for school books.”

Madeline Read, theatre and philosophy junior

WEB_Madeline Read.jpg

“Make more of an effort to alert students of potential dangers on campus, whether it be sexual violence, drug related or assault.”