The Wolf: What is the new airport really like? Let’s take you on a quick trip.

Skye Ray

Over three times as big as the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, The new New Orleans airport, MSY, let’s you take it easy, as you leave the Big Easy.

As you walk through the glass doors, everything is open and in sight. Flight check-in counters are around, and there is room to walk without running into other travelers. After four opening delays, travelers are pleased with the final project.

Brenna Gilliam, a local, was surprised by how big and bright the new airport is.

“I wasn’t expecting it, and it was a lot better than I thought,” Gilliam said. “I feel like it was a lot easier to navigate than the last airport but a lot more signs and everything is well lit.”

While walking to your terminal, you may have several stops along the way. The new terminal highlights New Orleans culture all throughout featuring local favorites from food to art. Local dining options that are available include Lucky Dogs, The Munch Factory, and Leah’s Kitchen. Leah’s Kitchen was is named after the queen of creole, Leah Chase.

However, don’t let these local shops steer you away from airport prices. An order of beignets and coffee from Cafe Du Monde will cost you a little over $8.

Along with dining, you can shop local too. Fluerty Girl is a local boutique chain that sells gifts and T-Shirts admiring the Crescent City.

Owner Lauren LeBlanc is excited about her new store in the terminal.

“It’s so exciting to be in the airport. There’s lots of energy, lots of people, and we get to meet people that are going all over the world,” LeBlanc said.

Great success has some challenges for LeBlanc, though.

“The only negative is to be open at 3:30 a.m., but we are working,” she said.

The new terminal will have a feature called The MSY Guest Pass. The program will allow passengers without airline tickets to accompany friends and family through the airport, dine, and shop.