The University of New Orleans to increase security after car burglaries

Anum Siddiqui


Anum Siddiqui

Two cars in The University of New Orleans parking lot had their windows smashed in during a car burglary. UNO plans to increase campus security in response to an increase of car break-ins on campus.

Anum Siddiqui, Pack News

A rash of car break-ins has become the norm at the University of New Orleans. According to the University, there have been over 25 car burglaries and smashed windows in the month of February.

UNO student Guss Huaet’s car window was smashed, but nothing was stolen. 

“I was sleeping upstairs in my room and you can just hear the car alarm going off. I look outside because I know this is happening and I’m like I don’t want them to go near my car” said Huaet. “It cost me an arm and leg to go out and replace.” 

The car break-ins has become a common crime in the Lakeview area leaving students questioning their safety.

Another student Micheal Shabatai began parking his car off campus to avoid the risk.

“The problem can be mitigated if they could have more surveillance, if they could recruit the New Orleans Police Department. I think their presence would deter the criminals from coming back,” said Shabatai.

According to an email from the university, four auto burglaries occurred in broad daylight while the school was celebrating their annual Mardi Gras parade. The break-ins happened in the engineering parking lot. In their efforts to make handle the crime, UNOPD will station a guard in the lot during the day.

We recognize that these actions have not yet eliminated the problem but we are committed to doing just that,” said Chief Communication Officer Adam Norris. 

In addition, all exits and entrances have been closed overnight, except for Elysian Fields and Alumni Drive, which will be the only way in and out of campus from 10pm to 6am. 

“I’m always worried, maybe today they will smash my window,” said Shabatai. 

NOPD has arrested multiple juveniles related to car burglaries in Lakeview, but none so far have been associated with UNO’s burglaries.

“I’m paying a lot of money to live in the dorms. Im expecting some form of protection and if I don’t get that, I might as well go to another school.” said Huaet,

The university is asking anyone who has information on the crimes to contact UNOPD.