College students visit Uptown bar amid COVID-19-related cancellations


A bar patron receives a wrist band from a masked bouncer Wednesday night amid coronavirus concerns. Photo credit: Gabriella Killett

Gabriella Killett

Students were seen visiting The Boot Wednesday, March 11, soon after in-person classes were cancelled for the remainder of the semester.

Both universities announced that classes were moving online due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Tulane public health and marketing major freshman Angeline Claybaugh said she’s upset she has to leave campus and leave the benefits of going to Tulane.

“Obviously, it’s a serious issue, but also it’s not as dangerous for us,” Claybaugh said. “There’s not a case at Tulane.”

Claybaugh said that although she’s not worried about being affected by the virus, she does worry about those with immunodeficiencies.

Tulane freshman Leo Scharf seconded Claybaugh’s remarks.

“I don’t really think about it, but yeah, I’d probably worry about [immunodeficient people],” Scharf said.

Regardless, Scharf said he thinks the response to the virus is overkill.

“It’s not that bad,” Scharf said. “Medicine is pretty good. They can fix it.”

Claybaugh said that if people look into the virus, they can protect themselves from it. She said she spent time at The Boot Wednesday night after the announcement in order to live up the lost time that will come due to the university moving to online classes.

No Loyola student sources were sighted due to their lack of appearance, and a Tulane student said Loyola students wouldn’t be found at The Boot after such announcements as those made Wednesday afternoon.

“Tulane students respond to tragic events by drinking, and Loyola students don’t,” the student said.