Ignatius Chapel reopens Sunday mass with 45-person limit


A sign on the door to Ignatius Chapel on Loyola’s campus on May 17, 2020 references the closure of in-person worship services. The chapel re-opened on May 17 for in-person Sunday mass for the first time since the university’s closure back in March. Photo credit: Alexandria Whitten

Rose Wagner

Loyola’s Ignatius Chapel held an in-person Sunday mass on May 17 for the first time since the university’s closure back in March.

The mass was capped at 45 people, 25% of the chapel’s maximum capacity of 180 people, to follow statewide procedures for Phase 1 of Louisiana communal spaces reopening, according to an email to community members from University Minister Kenneth Weber.

All attendees were required to pre-register for attendance. They were required to wear masks and stand 6 feet apart during worship, according to designated markings on the ground of the chapel.

The chapel did not allow physical contact, even during the Sign of Peace, and only members of the same family were allowed to attend near each other, according to the email.

The mass’ music was led by a pianist and cantor, replacing the typical choir and an LUPD police officer was nearby to help with compliance of the new rules for worship.

The May 17 mass, along with future live-streamed masses, can be watched here