Loyola implements pass/fail grade option


Alexandria Whitten

Marquette Hall stands tall on Loyola’s campus.

Gabriella Killett

Students will be able to decide whether they want to opt in to a pass/fail grading system after they see their final letter grades for their fall semester classes, according to a university wide email.

Provost Tanuja Singh said in the email that students will be able to choose how they want to be graded on a class-by-class basis and Loyola is making this happen because of the hurdles that have come with a largely online semester.

“We know that many of you are experiencing unprecedented challenges this semester and the stress of the ongoing pandemic is taxing your ability to focus and succeed,” Singh said.

Singh said that Loyola believes students can succeed without the option but wanted to support students with all “necessary resources.”

“We know that this will help relieve some anxiety for courses where you might need additional help or where you are not performing as well as you had expected,” Singh said.

Singh encouraged students to speak with their academic advisors about their pass/fail choices and any future implications they may hold.

Loyola also encouraged students to strugglingly academically to connect with coaches, tutors and other resources via the Student Success Center.