SGA sets up access to COVID-19 testing before break

Chloe Caudle

On Nov. 4, 2020, SGA met to discuss new initiatives, including informing students on new library practices, promoting access to COVID-19 testing, getting professors to post their syllabi before registration and promoting diversity and inclusion in the film department.

The Library Initiative, which was designed to help students understand the new library set up under COVID-19 guidelines, passed. This initiative will be a series of Instagram posts and posters around campus that give information on the new library setup, including how to check-out a book online, put a hold on electronics and how to use the new printers. SGA decided in the meeting that these posts will be on the SGA’s Instagram page starting Monday, Nov. 9.

SGA is also setting up an event to allow students to get tested for COVID-19 before going home for winter break. This event begins Nov. 9. Students will need to pre-register and sign-up for times to get on the shuttle to UNO for testing. Students who want to participate will also need to print their registration form or email it to SGA before the event begins. The link to sign up will be on SGA’s Instagram page and the event will run through Nov. 20.

The last initiative passed was a push to get professors to put their syllabuses up before registration so students know what they are signing up for. This is being brought to the deans of each college.

SGA also voted to support the Black and POC Initiative, which will promote film classes to show more movies with POC directors and actors. They also hope to promote stories of POC whose stories aren’t based solely on trauma. SGA hopes this will promote an inclusive environment and expose film students to different films and stories that wouldn’t normally be shown. This initiative is awaiting approval from the Dean of Music and Media with the backing of organizations like BSU and SGA.

SGA is also looking for a commissioner of elections. The link for applications is up and live, so anyone wanting to apply can find the link on the SGA’s Instagram.

There will not be an SGA meeting next week, as most members will be attending Take Back the Night next Wednesday since it was canceled due to Hurricane Zeta.