Cross country plans on a come back


Courtesy of Wold Pack Athletics

Women’s cross country in a race stand neck and neck with runners from University of Louisiana Lafayette during a race. Cross country coach Geoffery Masanet said he has high hopes for the rest of the season. Courtesy of Wolf Pack Athletics

Kloe Witt, Staff Writer

The Wolf Pack cross country team will have their first official season meet Oct. 22 in Huntsville, Alabama, according to the team’s coach, Geoffery Masanet. Although they have run this season, this upcoming competition will be more than just practice for the team.

The runners have geared their practices so far to trying out where each member works best and the team will put their practices to the test in the competition this weekend, Masanet said.

Masanet is hopeful looking forward to the rest of the season as the team is returning from battling unexpected factors influencing their performance.

“We’re going to be better in the end because we are coming off of injuries or sickness so we’re building on top of that,” Masanet said.

These aren’t the only setbacks the team has been facing. Masanet also said that training new freshmen for college level athletics is also influencing their team’s performance.

Even with the setbacks, the team is still holding strong, Masanet said. Masanet said he is trying to keep a positive attitude towards the season ahead of them.

“I’m really just hoping things will come together in a couple of weeks where we see some performances that give us an idea that we may be a top three team in the conference, if things were to go well,” Massanet said.

Senior runner, Madisyn Acosta, said she has high expectations for the team this season. Acosta has been running for the team since her freshman year and qualified to run at nationals last year.

“Some predictions that I have for the rest of the season is earning a spot at nationals and for our girls team to place the highest we have ever placed at conference,” Acosta said.

As the season begins for her final year on the team, Acosta said she has high expectations for herself and the team.

“I am looking forward to running a personal record that is faster than my record last season while also having the rest of the girls team to also run personal records there as well,” Acosta said.