Student Employment announces it will be increasing work study wages effective January


Cristian Orellana

Maroon File Photo

Macie Batson, Senior Staff Writer

Loyola announced Tuesday morning that work study wages will rise to up to $13 an hour starting at the beginning of 2023. On-campus work study will be increased to $10 per hour from $7.25, and community-based work study will be increased to $13 per hour from $10.

“You all are an integral part of how we operate and we hope to continue to advocate and meet the needs of Loyola students,” the announcement read. “Thank you for all that you do.”

Students can check their LORA Self-Service accounts to see if they qualify for work study and the increased wages, which begin Jan. 1. The university encouraged students to discuss the change with their supervisors and to otherwise contact Typhanie Butler for more information regarding community-based placements.