Paddy Daddy chef provides more for his community than quality food

Devin Cruice, Maroon Minute Executive Producer

On the corner of Lizzardo Street and Claiborne, Chef Jimmy King of Paddy Daddy is whipping up burgers, fresh potatoes, and a side of communal change.

King has big plans for the future as he helps his employees start their own businesses.

“I’ve never worked a job that has offered me help to start my business, so that’s how I’m going to give back to my community,” King said.

The roots of his goals come from the fresh food he works with.

“I need everything fresh everyday. Most people, they, have a passion for money. I have a passion for food, and feeding people is my passion,” said King.

But recently, King said he had to take a break from his passion. The chef came home to his trailer stolen after returning from a trip. 

“This truck that you’re looking at. This is my new truck. As you know, I had a trailer. That trailer was stolen from me,” King said. “You know what I’m saying, it was taken away from me. Within less than two months, here we are again because I refuse to let adversity take over my W, my win,” he said.

King said that while it wasn’t easy, persevering is necessary.

“Who the hell ever said anything was going to be easy. But it’s up to you, if you really want it, you are going to do what you gotta do to go get it,.” he said.

Reporter Devin Cruice covered this story.