Alumni host food drive to fill Iggy’s Cupboard


Jackie Galli

Events Chair for the Alumni Association Board of Directors, Delaney Vollmer, (left) and her eight-year-old daughter, Claire Vollmer, stand in the horseshoe on Nov. 12, 2022 during Loyola’s national day of service. The duo took part in the alumni association’s food drive to stock the shelves of Iggy’s Cupboard.

Jackie Galli, Managing for Print

Canned goods, pasta, and peanut butter: these were the main donations that came into Iggy’s Cupboard during Loyola’s national day of service, said Loyola finance and accounting junior Ariana Calamia.

The New Orleans alumni association hosted the food drive at Loyola on Saturday, Nov. 12 for Wolves on the Prowl, the service day’s title. The association asked for donors to drive through the horseshoe in front of Marquette Hall to drop off items, or to donate online at the pantry’s link, according to Delaney Vollmer, the events chair for the alumni association board of directors.

“We’ve had a handful of cars come through, but thankfully they’ve come with big trunks full of things,” Vollmer said.

The alumni association works to help Loyola graduates a chance to stay connected to the school, Vollmer said. Vollmer earned a degree in mass communication from Loyola in 2004, and a juris doctorate from Loyola’s law school in 2019.

“The alumni association works around the country to keep our alumni engaged,” she said. “As we grow in time and distance from Loyola, we always want to stay involved.”

Claire Vollmer, Delaney Vollmer’s 8-year-old daughter, also attended the event to help out.

“I’ve been unloading carts and pushing carts,” she said.

Junior music major Alice Hull said she attended the event with several of her Alpha Chi Omega sorority sisters because of her love of volunteering.

“It gives me a lot of happiness,” Hull said. “And it’s fun to hang out with other sisters who are here.”

Calamia is one of Hull’s sorority sisters and said she was similarly motivated to participate because of her love of helping others.

“I really wanted to give back to our community, and I know that Iggy’s Cupboard is such a big part of Loyola and it really impacts our students,” Calamia said. “I feel like it was the best way to directly help.”