Loyola Jazz Fest is back


Maleigh Crespo

Jazz pianist practices in Loyola practice room.

Arianna D'Antonio, Senior Staff Writer

After a three-year hiatus, the Loyola Jazz Fest was back for its 53rd annual festival to bring together a community with a love for music, particularly jazz, said its host and Loyola Jazz studies professor Gordon Towell.

New Orleans native and Loyola saxophonist Spencer Moore said that since last year’s fest was rained out, it was nice to get together and perform to celebrate jazz with the community again.

“Jazz Fest is really just a large family reunion, where everyone gets together and just plays together and enjoys each other,” he said.

Vocal performance senior Sam Ater said he appreciated another opportunity to perform with his talented classmates at the fest.

“It’s one thing to listen to your own craft, but something about seeing your peers onstage making music in another style is so exciting,” Ater said.“It’s imperative that we continue to showcase this art form in every possible way as much as we can to continue to foster a love for music in general.”

Ater encourages those of the Loyola community or anyone who enjoys music to take every chance to enjoy this art form that is so abundant at Loyola.

“It’s so rich in culture and sound that you are guaranteed to walk away with a smile on your face,” Ater said. “It’s a great time seeing people do what they love.”

Mia Oliva contributed to this story.