Maroon reporter’s appeal denied for punishments following legally reported story


Gabrielle Korein

Staff photo for Maroon reporter, Kloe Witt

Macie Batson, Editor in Chief

Loyola denied Maroon reporter Kloe Witt’s appeal in her case where she is being falsely accused and punished for unauthorized recording in the Loyola University Police Department, after legally and ethically reporting on a story about a student arrested in the Orleans Room on charges of stalking just a month ago.

Witt filed the appeal on March 31 against her initial case result, where she was found responsible for unauthorized recording. The appeal was on three grounds: partiality, disregard for rights, and arbitrary and capricious decisions.

On April 13, Witt was sent notice that her appeal had been reviewed and denied by Appellate Officer Chris Rice, who sustained the decision of the original hearing officer. 

As punishment, the notice stated that Witt must write a paper on the topic of “consent in the digital age” and submit it by May 26, 2023.

“This paper should reflect on consent in higher education in all formats (audio, visual, etc),” the requirements read. “Please include how your experience made you think critically about your own behavior and how this experience has affected your life.”

It further stated that if Witt does not satisfactorily fulfill the sanction by the due date, she will be charged a disciplinary fine of $200.

The university has also filed a formal warning on Witt’s disciplinary file. The warning informs Witt that if another incident occurs, there may be grounds for more severe disciplinary action.