OPINION: The outgoing Editors in Chief have a lot to say

Jackie Galli and Macie Batson

As we served as Editors in Chief of The Maroon, we thought our final opinion should be a joint production. And as two people with lots of opinions, we have decided to be unconventional in our approach. Below is a short list of some of our opinions that have been nagging on us. We will do no further explanations here, so save your questions for our email inbox.

1. The term “mid” is mid.
2. Journalism is the backbone of our democracy.
3. Save America’s wetlands.
4. The Maroon is not scary.
5. But we are intimidating.
6. There is no such thing as an ethical billionaire. Even if we like them.
7. Wear what you want. Eat what you want. Be who you want.
8. If you’re not sure what to say, your mom is the best answer.
9. University professors need to remember that many students have jobs and lives outside of their classes.
10. Wolf Bucks should roll over each school year.
11. Exclamation points weaken any sentence they end.
12. Never put a date in the lede.
13. Crime reporting has lost its course.
14. We need better food options at Loyola.
15. Why sleep when Igor’s is open 24-hours?
16. Declawing cats is mutilation.
17. It is always quote, comma, name, said.
18. Education is a privilege.
19. Free speech doesn’t stop where your values start.
20. You can’t make everyone happy, so prioritize yourself.
21. Loyola has lost its focus on some of its Jesuit values.
22. No Giusti, no Maroon.
23. Being co-Editors in Chief was one of the best decisions we ever made.
24. The Maroon is one of the best things we have been a part of.
25. We love all our Maroon family, and will miss you all so much.