How to do Jazz Fest

Tips to make your Jazz Fest memorable


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1) Be prepared!

According to the Jazz Fest Twitter account, one of the most important tips to keep in mind while you’re at the festival is to “Dress for any kind of weather at the Fair Grounds.” As you may have noticed, spring weather in New Orleans tends to stay on the hot side, so dressing in loose, cool clothing is highly suggested.

The two largest stages at the Festival, the Acura Stage and the Gentilly Stage, are standing room only and are in an area of the Fair Grounds that is almost entirely shade-

free. According to marketing and management senior Cynthia Morales, sunglasses and sunscreen are essential to your well-being. “Check the weather the day of the show, and remember to bring sunblock,” Morales said.

Another essential is to stay hydrated. You will only be allowed to bring in one unopened, 1-Liter bottle of water. Be prepared for your bag to be searched upon entering the festival.


Save yourself time and money by buying your tickets before you get to the Fair Grounds. Single day tickets are $50, plus service

fees,when you buy them in advance. If you purchase them at the gate, however, the price is upped to $65. Think of all the delicious food you could buy with the $15 you’ll save! Not to mention, if you buy your tickets online, you’ll have them printed and ready to go when you arrive at the festival. That way you won’t miss a minute of that The Eagles show you’ve been waiting to see all these years.


Downloading the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival App for iPhones and Androids is essential. With the app, you can make a

customized schedule of the artists you’d like to see, including their performance times and locations on the festival map. You can also create your own “food lineup,” which includes lists of every food item available

at the event. Other highlights include artist info, a zoomable map and a “now playing” feature which tells you which artists will begin playing in the next two hours.


It might sound elementary, but arriving at the Fair Grounds as early as possible could be crucial to your Jazz Fest experience. Gates

open at 11 a.m, and the earliest shows begin at 11:15 am. If you plan on landing a prime spot in the audience at your favorite artist’s performance, expect to stand in long lines at the gates and to stand for even longer in your spot in front of the stage. Also, for the shows that aren’t standing room only, don’t forget to bring a blanket to sit on.


In addition to purchasing your ticket, you’ll also want to bring plenty of cash. This way, you’ll be able to dine on as much alligator on a stick

and Crawfish Monica that you’d like without having to worry about running low on cash. “You’ll be there all day, so plan accordingly, and bring enough money for at least two meals,” said Morales.

Water will be available throughout the Fair Grounds. ATM’s are also onsite at the festival in case you forget to grab cash beforehand.

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