Column: Love is a necessary component for all facets of life

Jessica Murphy ON THE RECORD

This summer I went with a group of students to the National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference in Seattle.

I had to leave on an earlier flight than the students, and was sitting at my gate looking over the tarmac when I began to think about the conference and the conversations had there.

I realized it was essential that students and my colleagues see that I love what I do and for them to know that there are things worth standing for. After all, what is life with out love?

Once I boarded the plane, I could see a white plane about 300 yards away with a big picture of Jimmy Hendrix on the tail and thought, “Now there’s a guy people loved! And still love! They love his music because they can see how much the dude loved to play!”

I knew I was on the right track: love is the key to everything! I asked Jimmy for a sign to see if he would verify.

I sought confirmation by looking out the plane window as if gazing into an 8-Ball and what do you know, there were three Jimmy Hendrix airplanes lined up like a winning slot machine spin!

What is worth teaching if not love? What is worth giving if not love? What is worth knowing if not love?

I hope this summer and next year you will be asking yourself, “What do I love? What is it that drew me into this community? Why am I giving so much of myself to this?”

I hope it is because you love something, an ideal or a dream animated through serving others. I hope it is because you love someone and want to meet his or her needs.

How will you make it through the rest of your time at Loyola if you don’t love? How will you keep going with not enough time or money if you don’t love what you are doing? How will you hold it together when people let you down or drop the ball if you don’t love?

And what about the good times? What will you do when your group of friends or student organization gets it right? What will you down when someone has a victory?

Well, you must celebrate together! You must sweeten the victory with love!

So let’s go back to the question to wrap this thing up. You know, the best things always end with more questions that are just the buttoned up shadows of imagination.

What can you do if you are motivated by love? Where can you go if you are powered by love? What questions will you be bold enough to ask if you listen to the answers with an ear of love?

It is love that conquers and accomplishes and endures. Love!

Next fall I hope that you will love with ruckus and bravado, trying to outdo one another with acts of selflessness.

Peace and love be with you!

Jessica Murphy is the assistant director for co-curricular programs. She can be reached at [email protected]