University installs new telephone systems to maximize cost efficiency


Loyola University is in the process of installing new telephone systems.

The university’s telephone switches and desktop telephones are currently being replaced with newer equipment and systems in order to reduce maintenance costs.

Bret Jacobs, vice provost for information technology and chief information officer, said Loyola currently has two private branch exchange systems on the main campus and one on the Broadway campus, each between 11 to 17 years in age.

Jacobs said the previous phone systems are functioning properly and were not experiencing any service-related issues. However, he said the main reason for the change in phone systems is to reduce maintenance costs.

“The issue facing Loyola is that, because of their age, maintenance costs have risen to the point where they are unreasonable,” Jacobs said in an email.

Jacobs said that by replacing these current telephone systems, maintenance costs could be lowered greatly and could benefit the university’s savings.

“Maintenance costs are greatly reduced and will provide the university an overall savings even after funding the purchase of the new equipment,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs said the new phone systems will be network based and will be much more economical to maintain than the old systems. He also said voice mail services will be enhanced.

“Additionally, the process of adding or moving phones will be greatly simplified as the system will no longer depend on an independent cable system, but, will leverage the campus network,” Jacobs said.

He said training classes were planned through out the installation process, with the telecommunications staff coordinating the training and cutover activities with each of the university’s departments.

Jacobs said the installation process is currently underway and will be completed in February 2014.

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