Loyola students prepare for the Student Organization Fair

Starlight Williams

Over 50 student organizations will come together to kick off the new school year.

Students will have the opportunity to attend the Student Organization Fair on Tuesday, Sept. 9 from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Peace Quad to receive information on how to join organizations and find other people with similar beliefs or interests.

Eager to get more involved in the Loyola community, exchange student and music education junior Natalie Maxelon  said she is looking forward to the event.

“I think it is cool that there is an event where we get to shop around and see what the clubs have to offer,” Maxelon said.

Loyola’s mixed martial arts club is not only excited to have started a new organization, but also to meet new people that are as passionate about health and self defense as they are.

Jasmine Ezeb, English writing sophomore and secretary of the mixed martial arts club, said they are excited to welcome new members.

“We are thrilled for new members, whether they are an experienced black belt or a beginner who doesn’t know how to throw a punch,” Ezeb said.

Katrina Ratliff, biology sophomore, said that past student organization fairs defined how active the clubs would be throughout the year.

“Some organizations really wanted to tell me what they stood for and got me really interested, while others asked me to sign a paper, and I never heard from them again,” Ratliff said .

Other organizations such the National Society of Leadership and Success, while excited about welcoming new inductees, are working hard to make old members feel just as welcomed and involved.

“If we continue to maintain our historical position, it will be difficult for us to expand and retain the interest and excitement of current members, particularly older members,” said Endia Bush, the society’s president.

By increasing social events and showing transparency, the organization hopes to have a more successful year.

Courtney Williams, assistant director of student programming and advocacy, advised that while the fair can be overwhelming, it is recommended that students pick three to five organizations that pique their interests so they can have an exciting and active year.