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Ambrose and Cassama have big plans for campus

Tyler Wann

April 11, 2018

Sierra Ambrose and Joann Cassama were recently elected to the positions of President and Vice President of the Student Government Association for next year and are ready to embark on their SGA journey to better Loyola’s campus. The...

SGA creates focus groups to improve advising

Tyler Wann

February 26, 2018

The Student Government Association has partnered with the Student Success Center to create advising focus groups in order to gather data for the new director of advising, Missy Hernandez, according to student senator Brianna Daniel-Harkins. Daniel-Harkins...

Weil, Mader give their plans to SGA senate

Sidney Holmes

August 23, 2017

Student Government President Ben Weil addressed the SGA senate with his initiatives as the group met for their first official meeting of the 2017-2018 academic year. Weil was joined by SGA Vice President Blane Mader, along...

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