Ask the Pack: favorite emojis


Photo credit: Hayley Hynes

Describe your favorite emoji.

Daniel Nisthal, psychology sophomore


“My favorite emoji is the little airplane and it’s my favorite because it signals traveling and usually when I use it, it means that I’m going to go somewhere or that I’m going home.”

Mary Ann Florey, mass communication sophomore

Mary Ann

“My favorite emoji is the yellow deep frowning emoji because I think it’s funny how, like, upset he is.”

Giorgia Gamberini, music industry studies senior


“My favorite emoji is the one who smiles really, really big because I feel that it is my emotion.”

Jenner Kreifels, music industry studies senior


“My favorite emoji is probably the crying laughing emoji because who doesn’t like a good laugh?”

Nicole Bouchie, environmental studies sophomore


“My favorite emoji is the flame because I always use it to compliment people and sometimes I use it when I get angry.”