President brings “good news” at President’s Report


Andres Fuentes

President Tania Tetlow showing her graph at the President’s Report. Tetlow is confident in the financial direction that the university is headed. Photo credit: Andres Fuentes

Andres Fuentes

Nunemaker Hall breathed a sigh of relief after President Tetlow delivered her presentation at the President’s Report on Sept. 26.

“It is amazing for me to step into an institution where people care so much about the good of the school,” Tetlow said. “I know at this moment that every one of you is doing more than what you have to do.”

Tetlow showcased a number of slides with charts and graphs displaying how the university is staying on track after Project Magis.

Tetlow said that even if the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools sanctions Loyola, she is confident the university will make it through because it is doing the right things.

If put on probation by the association, Tetlow said that the damages would only harm the school’s reputation.

Tetlow showcased a graph with a consistent dip in revenue starting in 2013 when Loyola welcomed a smaller freshmen class than expected. The revenue started to rise in 2017, which Tetlow credited to the actions taken by Project Magis and recent budget cuts.

Tetlow also revealed that the percentage of returning sophomores, juniors and seniors have been on the rise but also commented on the campus’ lack of the latest tech.

“We saved lots of money in the last decades skipping over whole generations of technology,” she said.

Tetlow hopes to utilize updated technology throughout the campus but her primary goal is to bring retirement funds back to the faculty.