Purchasing specialists hired to maintain financial stability


Jamal Melancon

To maintain financial stability after Fiscal Year 2018, Loyola has added new members to its Purchasing Department.

Two purchasing specialists and a travel coordinator have been brought on to make sure all spending requests, anywhere from new computers to shirts for organizations, are reviewed and approved accordingly.

“Some recent and notable work we have be involved in have brought Barnes & Noble to campus as our new bookstore manager, helped athletics on their team travel and apparel, negotiated discounted airfare and hotel rates for Wolf Pack Weekend and even bid out the printing of The Maroon,” Robert Nelson, director of purchasing, said.

With the centralization of the department in Nov. 2017, Nelson said his department has saved the university hundreds of thousands of dollars and the future of the department looks even more hopeful to rack up on the savings.

Lisa Kibler, purchasing agent, said that centralizing the Purchasing Department allows the staff and organizations to have one efficient resource to go to for any questions they might have to help them accomplish their buying needs.

“I have been here 11 months now and I have received positive feedback from each department I have worked with on campus and from the vendors who now have a personal contact at the university,” Kibler said

It’s not just the satisfaction of making sure that Loyola’s funds don’t run out but also the joy of the working with the community that brings a sense of happiness to the department, according to Sandra Pierre Kazi, travel coordinator.

“At Loyola University, I do this with pride knowing that organizations like the Black Student Union will have a sponsor for their cookout,” Kazi said. “I do it with pride because I can introduce a group of visiting high school counselors to a great restaurant along Bayou Road and making their visit to New Orleans and Loyola memorable.”