Horoscopes before Thanksgiving break


Kaelyn Johnson

Monthly Horoscope: November 2018

As we move into the colder months, the planets ebb and flow through their paths. Venus, our planet of beauty and charm, will end her retrograde and return to her usual path on the 16th. Have you been waiting to pull the trigger on a new relationship or career move? On that same day, our speedy communication planet, Mercury, enters his third retrograde of the year. When one area of your life regains speed, another must hit the brakes. Prepare yourself for intense internal change at the beginning of the month when the new moon arrives in Scorpio. Guard yourself against reacting too quickly or severely to loved ones during this time. On the 22nd, the Sun enters Sagittarius and the full moon enters Gemini the next day. Everyone will be ready to share their ideas, no matter how wild.


Awareness is key this month, Leo. The Sun-Neptune retrograde trio on Nov. 6 makes you very alert to what’s going on around you (you’re especially sensitive to major current events), and you might feel like changing the world. Take baby steps.

Lucky Jupiter enters fiery Sagittarius on Nov. 8, giving you the chance to increase your social and cultural awareness. High on your priority list is learning about people and things that are very different than you, and the more eye-opening experiences you have, the more chances you have to grow. Prioritize the relationships that expand your mind and lean on the people that make you feel new. Expanding your world is always a good thing!

Mercury retrograde kicks off in Sagittarius on Nov. 16, making it virtually impossible for you to stay quiet about certain things. Unfortunately, the more you try to make your point, the more confusing things become, which can be extremely frustrating both for you and for the people you’re interacting with. With so much emphasis on the breakdown in communication, maybe it would be better to try to prove your point another time.


You love routine, but why not branch out a bit in November? Uranus is retrograde when it enters powerful Aries on Nov. 6, but that doesn’t slow down your progress too much. When you face an obstacle, look for the most unusual way around it. The direct approach isn’t always the most effective one during this strange transit.

It’s out of character for you, but right now you’re drawn to unusual and innovative ways to solve problems, and taking an out-of-the-box approach works almost across the board. You’ll encounter lots of people who are put off by your newfound odd energy, but so what? Stick with whatever’s working for you, Virgo.

A full moon in air sign Gemini on Nov. 23 intensifies your curiosity and increases your mental activity. Reading, learning, and connecting with other intellectuals are your favorite full moon activities!


Take control of your own destiny. A new Scorpio moon on Nov. 7 makes you highly aware and intuitive, which can be both a blessing and a curse. You’re very in tune with what’s going on around you, but that can lead to hypersensitivity. Before jumping to conclusions and taking things too personally, be sure that someone actually meant to insult you!
Your desire to help others increases as Mars enters compassionate Pisces on Nov. 15, but changing the world is hard to do on your own. You can make a difference as an individual, but it won’t all happen at once. Think globally but start locally.
Dreamy Neptune (floating comfortably in Pisces) goes directly on Nov. 24, and it’s time for your intuition to lead the way once again. Common sense and practicality are effective tools and have their place, but right now your subconscious is much louder than the voice of reason. Don’t ignore your gut instincts, Libra.


Go deep, Scorpio. There is a new moon in your sign on Nov. 7, shifting the emphasis from the external to your subconscious. Your thoughts can lurk in the shadows from time to time (like everyone else’s), but your deep interest in the underworld, unsolved mysteries, and crime isn’t as dark as it might seem. Make sure worried friends understand that your intense curiosity isn’t necessarily linked to obsession.

The sun-Pluto sextile on Nov. 11 gives everything a positive spin and shows you what you can accomplish in life if you reach for the stars. You won’t always get exactly what you want, but you won’t get anything if you don’t at least try.

You’re affected like everyone else by the Mercury retrograde cycle starting on Nov. 16, but your determination makes it slightly easier for you to cope with interruptions and mix-ups. You probably won’t get what you want through sheer force, but you have other persuasive skills that will help you get through this pesky retrograde cycle just fine.


You’ve got the tools to make November a success! When quirky Uranus retrograde moves into powerful Aries on Nov. 6, you’ll have to be extra vigilant, though, when it comes to making last-minute or spontaneous decisions. What seems like a great idea on the fly could turn into a big mistake in retrospect. Use all available resources to help you stay on track.

Your ruler Jupiter enters your sign on Nov. 8, kicking off a very beneficial partnership. When you trust in something higher than yourself, you’re virtually unstoppable. No matter how much success you have at this point, there’s still more out there. Not to sound too self-help guru-ish, but if you can believe it, you can achieve it!

You don’t escape the Mercury retrograde cycle that starts on Nov. 16 totally unscathed, but because Mercury is in your sign when it begins, you do have a slight advantage. As a fire sign, you know how to blaze through obstacles, but you have that little extra hint of finesse that comes in especially handy during crises such as this.


Is November the month you’ll finally get it all done. You have enough on your own plate, but you feel a need to come to the rescue of people during the caring sun-Neptune retrograde trine on Nov. 6. A good compromise? Finish what you’ve already started first (in other words, take care of your own responsibilities) and then move on to more charitable acts.

A Venus retrograde-Mars trine on Nov. 9 can rev up your social life, but complications could arise when you misunderstand or misinterpret someone else’s actions. Is it possible you were moving too quickly to clearly read the signs? The faster you try to go, the bigger the chances you’ll miss something important.

A Mercury retrograde cycle starts on Nov. 16, which only increases the chances of you getting things wrong yet again. The more you try to get people to understand your point of view, the harder it becomes. Having déjà vu? When past mistakes repeat, it usually means you didn’t learn the lesson the first time.


There’s a way to push forward despite the obstacles you face this month. Uranus is retrograde when it joins up with competitive Aries on Nov. 6, but this transit is still an effective pairing. You tend to push ahead despite the warning signs to yield or stay back completely, but you’re a “pay the consequences later” type of person anyway. You’d rather regret something you did than something you didn’t do.

A Mars-Uranus retrograde sextile on Nov. 15 gives you an extra punch of initiative, and you should be able to draw on past experience to propel yourself forward. Step up and say yes to the cause that’s reaching out to you.


There’s no shortage of chances to improve in November. A sun-Neptune retrograde (in your sign) trine on Nov. 6 increases your sensitivity and empathy for others. You could be especially concerned with making up for hurting someone in the past or apologizing for past mistakes. You can’t change what’s already happened, but you can improve future encounters.

Venus goes direct in balanced Libra on Nov. 16, making it easier for you to use your charm to get what you want. You’re already an expert at conflict avoidance, and this transit improves your procrastination skills (if that’s a thing). You can put off confrontations, but you can’t avoid them altogether.

Neptune has been floating along retrograde in your sign and goes direct on Nov. 24, lulling you back into your comfortable daydreams. You love to live in a world filled with fantastical possibilities, but the real world will come calling soon enough. Make sure you’re ready.


November can be tricky to navigate, Aries, so stay on your toes. The big news for you this month is Uranus retrograde backing into your sign on Nov. 6 and creating a lot of urgencies to get things done. Is this chaos? Not necessarily, but your desire to do things in an unusual (or just different) way could be more of a hindrance than a help.

Venus is also retrograde when she forms a friendly trine to Mars on Nov. 9, increasing your need for social contact but not necessarily ensuring that things will work out the way you’d like them to. You rarely back down from a challenge (you’re usually the one running toward the fire, not away from it), but the retrograde of Venus might dish out more than you’re prepared for. You aren’t one to give up, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a few steps back when you realize that things aren’t going your way.

Nov. 16th brings some good news, too: Now that your love and money planet, Venus, is direct, you’re ready to move forward. Trust that Venus will be helping you find your way in matters of the heart. If you’re single or attached, this marks the start of a new phase of your life. Use it to consider what you value in your relationships.


Not everything is as it seems in November, Taurus. The new Scorpio moon on Nov. 7 shows you what’s possible, but are you patient enough to wait for the results of your hard work? There are many mysteries to unlock, and you can’t wait to find the keys.

When powerful Mars enters gentle Pisces on Nov. 15, it may feel like the universe took its foot off the gas and it’s now hovering over the brake. Getting sidetracked is a given, especially if someone you care about really needs you. Is finishing what you started more important than lending a hand to a flailing loved one? Almost never.

Venus, your power planet, goes direct in Libra on Nov. 16, so compromises are easier to reach than at other times of the month. Your stubbornness rarely allows you to see other people’s perspectives this clearly, so take advantage of Libra’s enlightened viewpoint.


The more information you can acquire in November the better. The new Scorpio moon’s curiosity on Nov. 7 keeps you interested in unusual phenomena and the unknown. Investigating conspiracy theories and unsolved mysteries takes you to some pretty fascinating places.

A sun-Pluto sextile on Nov. 11 drives you to find and pursue your life’s passions, but it isn’t always easy going after major goals. It can be very frustrated when you feel like you have the recipe for success but you’re missing a couple of key ingredients. Patience isn’t your forte, but it’s necessary now.

On Nov. 8, your love planet, Jupiter, moves into your seventh house of relationships for a month. Host a dinner party or gather your friends for a night in to remember. You’ll be the center of attention, so hold court as no one else can. On Nov. 16, Mars enters your 10th house of career. Let’s get this bread — in style.



What do you want to accomplish this month, Cancer? Because there are a lot of possibilities headed your way. A mysterious new Scorpio moon on Nov. 7 makes things interesting, especially if you’ve been curious about someone new. You aren’t sure what you’ll uncover around the next corner, but you can’t wait to get there!

Open-minded Jupiter enters knowledge-seeking Sagittarius on Nov. 8, giving you the chance to really broaden your horizons. Your experiences during this transit have the potential to be truly life-altering, so what are you waiting for? Say yes to everything.

On Nov. 22, the sun also enters Sagittarius, so you’ll have a double dose of adventure-seeking energy. Plan a trip. Go see something unusual. Meet people who are completely different than you. Try exotic food or learn a foreign language. Passing up any experience to expand your worldview will almost certainly lead to regret.

Prepare yourself for Mercury’s retrograde on the Nov. 16 by making time to get in touch with your spiritual side. Take a look at what’s been blocking you from yourself. Is the solution as simple as a social media detox? Do you need to spend more time alone? Let yourself be quiet and listen to your inner voice during this year’s third Mercury retrograde.