Opinion: Find a school that fits for you, even if it means transferring

Andrew Lang

Loyola is a small school with a close-knit community in a city filled to the brim with culture. But if it’s not right for you, find another school that meets your needs.

Remember, college is essentially a service industry. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t be afraid to do what you would with a restaurant you didn’t like – find a better one and don’t look back.

I love Loyola. When I transferred from Syracuse University, Loyola filled my needs in a way Syracuse hadn’t. I needed a smaller school, like Loyola, with a friendly community of students who are always helping one another. The environment here doesn’t feel nearly as competitive as Syracuse felt.

I hope people find the same love for this school that I did, but college is an individual experience. No one should feel a sense of obligation to stay at a school if it isn’t working for you.

College is an intense investment of both time and money, and if you don’t feel your return on that investment is worth it, look at other options. If you have doubts, it doesn’t hurt to research other schools and perhaps schedule a tour.

When I decided I wanted to transfer, I was scared of the application process. I thought it would be incredibly challenging retrieving my transcripts, ACT and SAT scores and getting the rest of my application sent.

Despite my trepidation, it wasn’t hard. Syracuse emailed my transcripts almost immediately. My high school college counselor sent them promptly, as well. While figuring out an old password proved to be a more-difficult roadblock than expected, I was able to send my standardized test scores too.

Don’t let the work required stop you from changing schools. It’s not as hard as you might think.

Coming to Loyola drastically improved my education. It helped me mature. It cost me far less than Syracuse did. And it has led me to people who continue to help me grow both professionally and personally.

Don’t get me wrong; Syracuse is a great school. But it wasn’t right for me. If Loyola is not right for you, go out and find what is.