Tulane vs. Loyola battle of fashion trends


Cristian Orellana

Sunglasses, bracelets, and other accessories were all for sale at Designing Diversity’s Diversity Fest, which included a thift store.

Tess Rowland

It’s a timeless New Orleans question, what’s the better school Tulane or Loyola? Starbucks or PJ’s? Bruff or The Orleans Room? From Battle of Freret to now the Battle of Fashion, here is a little preview of what is in most closets of Loyola versus Tulane students.

AirPods vs. Ariana Grande Cat-Eared Headphones:

If you grace the walk across Freret Street, you’ll notice Tulane students on their commute to class, most of whom are listening to music. Most Tulane students use AirPods, an Apple product priced at $159. As opposed to the standard headphones that come with your iPhone that are free, the AirPods are labeled as “bougie” and “in vogue” and are a hot commodity, especially after recently coming back on the market from their blowout sale. Loyola students on the other hand are more likely to show their hipster spirit and rock the cat-eared headphones which have great-sound quality, make a statement and lastly aren’t easy to lose like AirPods are.

Lululemon Leggings vs. Fishnets and Ripped Mom Jeans:

Also upon your walk to Tulane you will notice most females rocking their lululemon leggings, racking in at almost $100 a pair and known for their high-quality and elite elastic material. These leggings are commonly paired with a Tulane sweatshirt, priced from anywhere $40 to $60 from the Tulane Bookstore. UGG slippers complete the look, known for their comfort and soft Australian wool, pricing in at $120. While Loyola toys with grunge and edgy look, usually pairing leggings with levi-ripped mom jeans and a crop-top.

Yeezys vs Converse Comme de Garçons:

Kanye released these stylish and comfortable shoes in collaboration with Adidas in late 2015. Since then, seven designs have been released, and the shoes are highly coveted as they sell out in hours. The shoes at original price are around $200 but through resale online can reach up to $1000. Many Loyola students wear Converse, and our equivalent to the Yeezy sneaker would be the Comme de Garçons PLAY collection pricing in at $135 dollars. They feature the classic Converse colors, available in black or white, with the Comme de Garçons logo. They are perfect to wear casually to class with a pair of jeans or can be dressed to go out.

North Face Backpack vs. a Trendy Tote:

Most Tulane students rock The North Face backpacks ranging anywhere from $65 to $100. Although they are not the most fashionable, they are for sure practical with many pockets and cushion to lighten your heavy load of books, notebooks and your laptop. Most Loyola girls rock a trendy tote bag to class, which is functional and fashionable. The small campus size of Loyola definitely is a factor in the choice of a tote bag as your walk to class with your possibly heavy bag is much shorter than that of Tulane’s large campus.

Ultimately, Tulane students are more likely to invest in quality, comfort and brand when shopping for clothes and putting together their outfits, while Loyola students go for the vintage, off-beat and original look. Whatever your style may be, Loyola and Tulane are on the pulse for the latest trends in fashion.