Chief of Staff provides comment regarding film production on campus

Erin Snodgrass

Loyola Chief of Staff Lesli Harris provided the below comment in regards to the commercial production filming on Loyola’s campus Nov. 7 and 8.

“This week’s film production was vetted by me and Jon Vogl, professor in the College of Music and Media, based on the information provided by the production company. In the past two years, Loyola has hosted Happy Death Day, Happy Death Day 2 U, and The Purge in the same area of campus without issue. Many of our faculty, staff and students are used to seeing filming on campus and around the city.

Regardless of the filming on campus that occurred in the past, we recognize that for some in our community it was jarring. We want to apologize to any members of our community who were unaware of the filming this week and may have been concerned. While we provided notification in the days leading up to the filming and all locations were marked with clear signage, we recognize that not everyone may have been aware. We will continue to improve those practices as we move forward.

Filmmaking is an important part of the local economy and creates many wonderful opportunities for our students. This week’s production employed over 100 students as extras, and other students and alumni are working on the production. Producers and production personnel visit our classes, and this goes beyond film classes, as guest lecturers and share their contact information with our students to help them when they start their careers.”