Upperclassmen who were denied on-campus living can apply for housing at the Alder Hotel


The Alder Hotel Uptown is a mile away from Loyola University New Orleans. Loyola has just announced a deal with The Adler to house some of the displaced upperclassmen during the Fall 2020 semester. Photo credit: Alexandria Whitten

Rae Walberg

A Loyola partnership with a local hotel will allow recently displaced upperclassmen to apply for fall semester housing off-campus, according to an email sent out to students.

The decision to partner with Alder Hotel Uptown came after the university informed upperclassmen students that they were no longer granted on-campus housing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“While some of you may be disappointed not to be living on campus, we hope you will enjoy this beautiful, safe and convenient housing option at similar prices to those of on-campus housing,” Director of Residential Life Amy Boyle said.

According to the email, those who have already found off-campus housing or have petitioned and were approved for on-campus housing are unable to apply for a spot. Eligible upperclassmen who want to apply for a chance to live in Adler the chance must fill out the application sent in the email. However, students who were denied the petition to live on campus don’t have to submit an application because they are already being considered by the university for a spot at the hotel.

The Alder Hotel is a mile away from campus and is located next to the Ochsner Baptist Medical center, a few blocks from Freret Street.

Students selected to stay at Alder will have a choice of a single or a double bedroom at similar rates to Loyola’s on-campus housing, according to the email. Loyola’s Alder residents will also be required to “maintain the on-campus meal plan” respective to their class standing and the university will regularly provide grab-and-go options in the hotel lobby.

The email confirmed that the university will provide frequent daily shuttle transportation to campus and hotel parking through a lot adjoining the hotel.

Students who wish to enter the lottery for Alder’s housing have to complete the application sent to their email by June 8, for a decision on June 16.