Monday classes canceled due to freezing weather


Loyola will not be holding any classes on Lundi Gras due to cold and potentially freezing weather.

In a university-wide email, University President Tania Tetlow said the move to cancel Feb. 15 classes was made due to possible ice and sleet in Monday’s forecast.

“Those of you from colder climates should feel free to mock us, because we have no ability to drive on ice. Roads will be closed and many of our employees and students will be unable to get here from afar,” Tetlow said in the email.

This decision comes after Loyola announced earlier this month that it would no longer be counting Lundi Gras as a holiday and would continue to hold classes to discourage unsafe gatherings.

“The point of being open on Lundi Gras was to discourage us from acting irresponsibly in a role that has now been taken over by the weather. Given that – rather than turn to virtual teaching and work – let’s take the opportunity for a rest,” Tetlow said

On-campus dining, the library and the sports complex will remain open despite the potentially freezing conditions.