Student runs 504 Audio-visual Collective

Self-portrait taken by Jawdat Tinawi. Set in New Orleans, where the collective is based.

Visual artist and musician, Jawdat “JR” Tinawi, grew up in Syria dreaming that his love for music and art could come together one day.
The visual communication senior now spends his days behind a camera, working on event photography for venues, shooting music videos, and conducting the occasional photoshoot after launching his own collective, 504 VA which stands for visual audio.
As a music industry minor, Tinawi was able to put his passion for music to use as well. In December of 2020, the 20-year-old started the process of creating his own production company. While the organization is currently a collective, Tinawi said he has big plans for its future.
Some of his goals for the enterprise include registering 504 VA as an LLC by the end of the year. Tinawi said the goal of the business is to produce music and visuals, as well as hosting and promoting events.
Tinawi also records and produces his own melodies which range from rap to alternative, underground music. He said his music tends to stay abstract so that anyone can relate to it.
“I have honestly always loved to sing to myself and write lyrics too, but it wasn’t until I got to Loyola that I started being able to produce and record my own music,” Tinawi said.
Tinawi said that when he got to Loyola he also started making his own videos and developing his own style with his photography. He said he is proud of the work he’s done and how far he’s come.
Aside from the creative skills Tinawi said he has developed over time, the artist credits his success to the resources that have come from being a part of the Loyola community.
“Loyola really does feel like a little home because of how small it is,” Tinawi said. “Everyone knows each other, and the tools are there for you to do whatever it is you would like to do.”