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EDITORIAL: We need to appreciate the heart of Loyola

At the core of our decision to join Loyola University lies a fundamental truth: the vibrant community. Yet, as we navigate our academic journeys, it’s essential to change our focus and appreciate the role played by often-overlooked heroes behind the scenes.

While we readily recognize the professors who champion our academic pursuits, it’s time to shine a spotlight on the dedicated staff whose contributions enrich our university experience in countless ways.

In the whirlwind of our daily routines, it’s easy to pass by these essential contributors without a second thought, underestimating the profound impact they have on our lives. However, with the new year here, it’s crucial that we pause and reflect on their invaluable presence. We need to change our look at Loyola from negative to positive.

From the Sodexo staff making sure we’re fed each day to the custodial crew maintaining the condition of our campus, each person plays an indispensable role in shaping our university life.

While we may recognize their friendly faces, how many of us have taken the time to learn their names or understand their stories? The small interactions, from asking students about their day and remembering details later on, can brighten anyone’s day. Yet, their efforts often go unnoticed. Do we take time to listen to the workers talk about their lives? As students, we don’t appreciate everything the workers do. We aren’t the ones making appreciation posts for everything they do, we just say thank you and move on. We should do more.

It’s time for us, as members of the Loyola community, to turn the spotlight toward these unsung heroes. Their jobs are far from easy, and they deserve the recognition for being the backbone of our university.

And let’s start now – National Employee Appreciation day is March 1, which is a great day to make the first step by writing notes to the Sodexo staff and showing them we care.

But we should do the same for other staff departments at Loyola. We can’t forget about the electricians, mechanics, and custodians, as well as administrative assistants and other essential personnel that our university would crumble without.

Let’s express our gratitude not just through words, but through meaningful actions. Let’s make a concerted effort to learn their names, greet them with genuine warmth, and engage with them on a personal level. Behind every task completed, every meal served, and every facility maintained, lies a human being deserving of our respect and appreciation.

And this doesn’t diminish the importance of expressing gratitude to our professors. They are integral to our education, and without them, our learning journey would be incomplete.

In a community as diverse and dynamic as ours, inclusivity and unity are paramount. Let’s celebrate the contributions of every individual, irrespective of their role or title, and foster an environment where everyone feels valued and acknowledged.

So the next time you encounter a familiar face in the hallways or share a meal in the dining hall, take a moment to pause, smile, and express your gratitude. In these simple gestures lies the true essence of our community—a place where each person, from faculty to staff, contributes to making Loyola not just a university, but a home.

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Lizzy Hadley
Lizzy Hadley, Op/Ed Editor
Lizzy Hadley currently serves as The Maroon’s Op/Ed Editor. Lizzy is a junior majoring in English with a concentration in film/digital media, and pursuing a minor in social media. In her free time, Lizzy is usually playing Animal Crossing New Horizons on her switch or casually reading some young adult fiction. Lizzy can be reached at [email protected].
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Sophia Maxim, Editor in Chief
Sophia Maxim is a multimedia journalist and designer from Atlanta, GA. She is The Maroon’s incoming Editor in Chief and previously served as Managing Editor for Print and Design Chief. She is a visual communication junior with a design minor. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the city, listening to podcasts, and collaborating on creative projects. Sophia can be reached at [email protected].

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