Thomas Hall receives LEED certification


Emily Gaines /Staff Photographer

Due to new renovations, Thomas Hall has recieved Gold LEED Certification. Thomas Hall is part of a campus-wide effort to increase sustainability.

Burke Bischoff

With Thomas Hall receiving a gold certification by the United States Green Building Council, Loyola is one step closer to turning completely green.

The US Green Building Council has awarded Thomas Hall the LEED (Leadership in Environmental Design) gold status because it has adhered to the council’s policies regarding green buildings due to its recent renovations.

According to the US Green Building Council and the Green Building Institute, being certified LEED gold means that Thomas Hall ranks at the second-highest level of achievement.

The council has confirmed with the certification that Thomas Hall has been developed to provide the highest amount of health and safety to both the people of Loyola and the environment. Thomas Hall has been recognized as being able to help conserve water, energy and materials while delivering a safe and high quality foundation for all of the staff who work in it.

Dr. Robert Thomas, who is the director for the Center of Environmental Communications, said that there are multiple advantages to this award that can prove to be a positive impact towards Loyola. He states that not only will the university save money due to the energy and other efficiencies provided by the renovations, it will also send out an important message to the community that Loyola is heading towards a sound vision for the future.

“A building meeting LEED standards certifies that the building’s design and construction meet very high standards of environmental consideration and efficiencies, a strong message to the community of the importance of sustainable buildings,” Thomas said.

Thomas said that many of Loyola’s students look forward to environmentally green buildings and are happy to hear that Thomas Hall had been ranked with such a high level. National surveys show that one of the trends that oncoming students look for is whether or not a university is environmentally friendly.

“Many students take pride in their university taking progressive steps toward a green campus,” Thomas said. “Students in my classes are very pleased with Loyola’s recent achievements.”

“Thomas Hall is our first LEED renovation. It is a signal that sustainability is a principal consideration in the physical plant arena,” said Thomas. “Students, faculty and staff expect our institution to be progressive in our operations and the way we improve the campus.”

According to Thomas, the administration has stated that it is now Loyola’s policy that all future constructions and renovations will seek LEED certification. He hopes that with this new policy, Loyola will continue on its journey towards a better and greener tomorrow.

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