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Since 1923 • For a greater Loyola

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Since 1923 • For a greater Loyola

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    Basketball players arrive from all over the world

    From left to right
    From left to right

    Just like Carmen Sandiego, members of Loyola’s men’s basketball team come from just about everywhere around the world.

    Matt McCabe, Damir Durmo, Josh McGrew, Robert Manson and Corey Gray are just some of the member’s of Loyola’s team.

    Hailing from New Orleans, Australia, Indiana, Bosnia, and other parts of the of world, they have learned to worked together despite their differences and share a common bond in their love for the game.

    Manson, marketing senior, said during his time in the United States and Loyola he has experienced many cultures and religions that he would have never experienced at home in Australia.

    “Playing ball with so many people from different religions and cultures has taught me no matter where you are from, or what culture you are, we have always got basketball in common,” Manson said. “Basketball is the same no matter where you’re from or how you’ve been brought up.”

    McGrew, business management junior, said he has noticed some differences in the playing styles he and his teammates share.

    “I’ve noticed some European styles when we first started playing together,” McGrew said. “Europeans play more for defensive, but it’s worked out great for us, it was just something we had to get used to,” he said.

    McGrew said he likes the idea of playing with a team where the members are so culturally diverse.

    “We’ve had a player from Italy, and now I’m playing with guys from Bosnia and as far as Australia, so I feel like I’ve been able to travel around without leaving home,” McGrew said.

    McCabe, marketing junior, from Iowa, added he has noticed the different playing styles from region to region within the United States.

    “I’m from the mid-west and I’ve noticed that basketball from the east coast is more about style and down south defense is a big thing,” he said.

    McCabe played basketball in Australia for three weeks when he was a member of a traveling team from Iowa. He believes he shares a lot in common with his teammate, Manson.

    “We talk about how we wish we could get some fish and chips like what they have in Australia,” McCabe said. “It’s really good.”

    McCabe said he has also learned a lot from his Bosnian teammate, Durmo.

    “He’s been through a lot in his life, like dealing with the many conflicts in Bosnia, and I respect him for using basketball as a way to handle those challenges,” he said. “I think that’s something we all share. We all love basketball.”

    Jauné Jackson can be reached at [email protected].

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